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2 February 2021

How to buy the best home security

When it comes to safety and security, it started at home security. So it's now time to find the best home security system for you and your home. So let us walk you through how to buy the perfect home alarm for your home.

What is a home security system?

Gone are the days when you use your pets to alarm us of intruders. Now we can rely on smart security systems to not only protect your home from burglaries but also alert your neighbours with an outdoor siren and can even notify emergency services if you have professional monitoring.

When connected to a main hub or control panel, motion detectors can be placed around your home in areas such as hallways, open areas, and work by triggering an alarm when motion is detected. A GoKonnect smart home security system works with your smartphone, tablet, and computer from anywhere in the world. It also seamlessly integrates with cameras, smart speakerssmart locks, lights, and much more, whereas a traditional security system usually only works locally and with cameras.

What type of home security systems are available today?

There are usually two common types of home security systems; traditional and modern burglar alarms. 

Monitored home security, provides 24/7 professional monitoring through a monitoring station that in the event of an alarm will contact you to see what's going on. So whether you're away or at home, there is always someone else there to help when you need it. On the other hand, a traditional home alarm triggers a siren in the event of a break-in alerting anyone at home, and the surrounding area.

Smart Home Security like the GoKonnect system, will connect you, your family and any invited friends or neighbours to your home and alert everyone in the event of an alarm with real-time alerts no matter where you are. So can also customize what alerts and notifications you receive, so you can get notified when someone rings your video doorbell camera, when someone opens a door or window, even when the kids don't arrive home on time.


How much does a home security system cost, what is the cheapest?

If you're looking for the cheapest alarm system, a dummy or traditional alarm is for you, but not without its limitations and functionality drawbacks. The most notable factor is that there's no remote or smart home connectivity. It's just an arm and disarm alarm system. Wired security systems are usually cheaper than a Smart Home Security system, based on whether you already have wires or not, but if any wires or cables get damaged, remote technical support isn't possible and may cost you extra for someone to call out.

With a GoKonnect Smart Home System, costs can range because you can build your own system to suit your needs, adding sensors and smart devices such as smart locks, cameras and much more; and taking out the things you don't. Our system is completely wireless which makes it easier for you, to self-install and you don't have to worry about putting holes in walls. The greatest part is that our remote technical support is always available to help whenever you have a problem and can solve it in minutes at no additional cost.

Which system is easier to install?

Getting your system professionally installed is always the easiest as you don't have to do anything. But with the current restrictions, it may not be possible which is why, with us, you can self-install your GoKonnect Smart Home System. And if you need to decorate at any point, because our system is wireless, you can easily movie your sensors and place them back up when you're finished


What type of alarm system is best for you?

Smart is the way forward. With a smart home security system, you rely on getting the information you want with real-time notifications, alarm events, motion detection alerts and remote control over your home. Talk to visitors at your front door with two-way talk, lock and unlock your front door with smart locks and even know when family members are late with no-show alerts.

Whether is your first time looking for an alarm system or you're looking to upgrade, GoKonnect has options for everyone. Simple build your own smart home online today or call our team.


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