Remote Access

Lock and Unlock from anywhere

Using the GoKonnect Smart Home app, You can then unlock the door via the app to let your visitors in. With smart notifications, you will know when someone leaves and you can lock the door remotely behind them,Never worry about forgetting keys again.

Speak before you unlock

A front door that is smart

With the GoKonnect Doorbell Camera and Smart Locks combined you can answer the door, via the app, if it someone you know you can unlock the door, let them in and lock the door when they leave, All from anywhere in the world.

One Touch Leaving

Smart Locks that work with your home security

When you use your smart locks with a GoKonnect home security system, you can set up rules that when you arm the home or disarm the home, the door can lock or unlock automatically, also we can integrate with smoke/carbon alarms, so if a fire occurs the doors will unlock automatically.

Never miss a thing

Unique users codes for friends and family

Smart Locks allow you to assign unique access codes anyone using the system. Family and fiends can easily lock and unlock the door with the need to leave a key under the mat. Your smart home security system also keeps you informed about who is coming and going at any time.

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