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Wellness Home Security Camera

Call loved ones in an instant.

Keep an eye on family members at home with one call. Contact your loved ones with the touch of a button and hear and speak to them instantly.

Talk to family members with just one tap.

Our Indoor wellness security camera has a simple touch button alert feature. This means you can simply press a button on top of the camera and a connect family member will receive a rea-time call notifcation, they can answer the call and talk to you from their smart phone app.


Make it easy for the kids to connect.

With our smart call out feature. Kids can speak to you through the secuirty camera itself, so if you are at work or shopping its really easy to check in with your family.


Check in on furry loved ones.

A great way to use the indoor wellness security camera is to check in with pets. This camera is perfectly positioned to keep an eye of your little loved ones no matter where you are in the world


Custom call out family list

Its super easy to set up the security camera call out feature to call who you want, Not ever one needs to get the notifations. Simple head into your smart home app and select which family members you would like to recieve the call notifications


See the entire room with just one indoor security camera

With our 180 degree & adjustable lens, you can cover an entire room with just one camera. Pan and tilt to the area you would like to cover


Choose multiple views or areas of focus.

Choose specific areas of your room to quickly focus on. Use our app on a desktop to manage your Pan/Tilt/Zoom presets.


Zoom in to see every detail in HD.

Sharpen your focus and see every detail with high-resolution enhanced zoom.


Play audio through your indoor home security camera.

Listen to music and podcasts through your camera like a regular Bluetooth speaker.


See it's good looks in every room.

Place anywhere and see everything - it’s designed to fit anywhere in the home.

Smart Cameras

We are always here to help when you need it.

The GoKonnect smart home security system provides your with a fully interactive home security system which connects ever part of your home. Its totally modular so you can expand over time

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