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Custom Built Home Security to Deter Real Threats

GoKonnect Smart Home Security not only protects your home, it also prevents crime. With our smart security sensors to outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras with 2 way talk and smart locks your home is always protected

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Home Security Only Smarter

  • Smart Hub

  • Door/Window Sensor

  • Motion Sensor

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Smoke Sensor

Total Control In One Place

Full IQ touchscreen control, Feels like your phone. It is slim, sleek and it can be wall mounted or placed on your kitchen table. Our GoKonnect IQ Home Alarm panel allows you full control over your entire home which includes your home security, lights, locks, thermostats, cameras and more all from one spot

Bluetooth Touchless Disarming

With our Bluetooth Touchless Disarming you can leave your phone in your pocket/purse and it will automatically disarm when your phone gets in range. No typing codes to unarm your home alarm again, you just walk in the house and it disarms like magic!

Built-in 5MP Camera

Every IQ Panel system has a built-in camera that takes pictures when someone gets home and records videos during alarms. Are you the only one at home? You can give out user codes to everyone who should have access to your home and when they use them you’ll know.

Instant Help

In the event of an emergency every IQ panel comes with a panic button which will sound the home alarm, send instant smart notifications to your loved ones or if connected to a professional monitoring station, will alert the emergency services also.

Built in Glass Break Sensor

The IQ Panel includes a glass break detector right in the panel, using the microphones and some smart technology, It will cover multiple windows within a 15 foot range. So if someone tries to break a window on your home the GoKonnect IQ panel has you covered and will trigger an alarm.

Know what happens, when it happens.

Always know exactly when something happens at home with your smart phone activity feed from anywhere in the world.

No more surprises.

Our smart sensors learn your daily patterns so if something out of the ordinary happens, you get an instant alert no matter where you are.

Close the door behind you.

Smart notification will alert you when you leave a door or window open.

Keep your rooms covered.

Set up a motion sensor in your office or the kids room and know instantly when someone walks in.

No more sleepless nights.

Our smart motion detectors learn your patterns so if there's unusual activity like the kids getting up in the middle of the night you'll get notified.

One smart connected home.

Use your motion sensors not only for security but to turn your smart bulbs into motion activated lights. Perfect for when someone gets up in the middle of the night.

Essential part of home security.

An accurate carbon monoxide detector is an important part of your home security. Our system gives you real-time alerts to keep you informed on what happens at home, even when high levels of CO is detected.

Early warnings, no matter where you are.

Your smart home security system will alert you when a CO detector goes off, no matter where you are. It gives you real-time alerts in the event of a carbon monoxide leak.

Put a stop to the beeps.

Our carbon monoxide detector batteries last from 2-5 years. Your Smart Home system will let you know when you have a low-battery so you know when to change it.

No waiting around

Our proactive smoke alarm lets you know when there’s a sudden increase in temperature as well as smoke. We want you to have the information that allows you to react as soon as possible and keep your family and your home safe.

Exit safely with smart home security.

If the worst happens, and there is a fire, have your home security system turn on your smart lights and unlock your front door, to light your way and get out safely.

Protect your home, even when you're not.

If a fire breaks out when you’re not at home, get instant alerts from your home security system, giving you time to react and call the fire brigade. With your smoke alarm connected to you GoKonnect Smart Home Security System, every family member who has the app will know of the emergency.

Build a security system that suits you and your home.

All of our smart security and smart home products work together to create a fully-connected smart home. Cover your entry points and blind spots with GoKonnect.

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Home security sensors for every entry point

Smart Home Security keeping you connected to your entire home. Explore our wide range of sensors which protects what matters most and ensure peace of mind

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    Motion Protection

    Never miss a moment again, Our smart motion detectors will alert you to any activity in your home plus it will always give you a live activity feed so you can keep an eye on your home through out the day

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    Protection from Break-Ins

    Be the first to know if someone opens or closes a door or window. With AI learning these sensors will Protect & Alert even if you forget to arm your home

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    Protection from Flood

    Never have expensive water damage again, keep ahead of the leak with real time alerts in the event of a flood, giving you time to stop the spread

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    Smoke Protection

    Keep the family safe by having our smart smoke sensors in the home. Get real-time alerts and emergency response plus automate lights to turn on and doors unlock instantly

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    Outdoor Camera's

    Never miss a thing at home again. Get Live view, Real time AI motion detection alerts that will tell you if a person is in the back garden, or if the kids are late home from school.

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    Skybell Video Doorbell

    Miss the delivery driver or just the in-laws? With our Two-way talk smart motion detection Skybell HD Doorbell camera, You will never miss anyone at your front door again

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    Curtain Sensor

    Sometimes large windows with lot of opens is expensive to cover, Our smart curtain sensor beams will cover any large window so if any unwanted guests tries to enter your home, you will know before them

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    Acoustic Sensor

    Our smart Glass break sensors will detect the sound of glass breaking in the home. So if the unwanted guest takes the easy way in, we have you covered.

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    Smart Hub

    Control your entire home with our smart home hub. Arm and disarm, answer your front door and much more.

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Peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring.

It's never been easier to get peace of mind with your home security system. Professional monitoring is only €12.99 per month and you can add it to your security when you need it and cancel it when you don't.

Take control with our new IQ Qolsys Panel

Make your home a safe haven with GoKonnect—the industry’s best in smart home security. Just a few of the features you get:


Next Generation smart home security with unlimited control over your home


Smart home automation features that adjusts to your lifestyle.


We make it all work together. One simple platform for you and your home

Complete control from the GoKonnect App.

No Matter where you are in the world we keep you connected. Our smart home app allows you to know what is happening in real time. Add more home security products when your need's change or upgrade to full smart home control all from one App.

Connect and customize

Think home security, think smart home. Easily expand your system as you go. If its smart locks, Light or heating control's it's easy to add on. Why not keep an eye on your home with our wide range of HD camera's. We make it easy to get a fully connected home.

Get the support you require

With optional 24/7 professional monitoring, you can have an extra layer of support. Think of it as your personal emergency response team with no contracts you can decide when its right for you. We provide a full GoKonnect 24 hour assist remote enginner support so your home is always protected

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