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The GoKonnect Smart Home Security system works together to create a fully-integrated home security system customized for your home. Every door, window, and blind spot is covered.

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Our powerful smart security system allows you to add smart home control. unlock your doors, turn off your lights, see guests arrive at your front door all from the one app, no matter where you are in the world

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Add HD Smart Home Security Cameras

Its easy to add home secuirty cameras to your system. Choose from our wide range of Smart HD Cameras, from Doorbell cameras, Outdoor cameras, or indoor cameras we do it all, Our modular system means you can expand your home security system at any stage.

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Flexible Buying Options

Choose a Professional Monitoring or Self Monitoring Plan

Choose a plan that works for you. We let you decide. Choose a professional monitoring home or self monitoring home security plan. Even try our 30 day cancel anytime monitoring plans for totally flexibility. No more Doggy or Rolling Contracts

Professional Installation & DIY Install Available

We take care of everything for you

Our home security systems are so simple to install, Our team of smart home professionals will install & Set-up the entire system for you or you can choose to out DIY options, No loose wires, no holes and no fuss needed.

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Get home security with full smart home control and cameras that integrate into one app. Add to your smart home so your system grows with you over time. Not only that, You can choose between Monitored or Self Monitored home security Plans

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Niall F.

See how the GoKonnect home security System gave this family a Smart Home that gives them protection, comfort and peace of mind when they needed it most.

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Deandra M.

The product is great and the service is fantastic. They booked us in very quickly after our initial call and set up a webinar to talk us through everything which was really helpful. I also appreciated that there are lots of add-one we can add to our package as time goes on but we didn’t feel pressured into adding them now. Would recommend GoKonnect as our home security provider!


Colm F.

Great service and installation team. Aftercare has been extremely impressive as team are extremely responsive to all queries. Delighted with the home security system. Exactly what was described on purchase. Will recommend to friends and family without hesitation.


Eldirc D.

Eldric is one of our many customers with a Smart Home. Moving into his new home he wanted to get the best smart home security for him and his family. Now he can control his home from anywhere, answer his front door when he's not there and much more. Listen to his story...

Watch his story

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is a GoKonnect Home Security System?

GoKonnect home security provide multiple buying options. You can choose a home alarm monitoring plan with installation start from €49 on a 36 month monitored alarm contract after your home alarm contract is up you can change to a more flexabile plan or you can choose our self monitored alarm plans which can start as low as €399 with no expensive montly fees. We let our customers decide unlike most home security companies.

Do GoKonnect Home Security provided professional monitored house alarms or self monitoring house alarms?

We do both. It really is your decision how you buy with us. All our customers choose a home security plan that works for them. if you choose a monitored alarm contract initially you can switch to our self monitored alarm plans later or you can choose to a self monitored alarm from the start

Is GoKonnect Smart Home Security Licenced by the Private Security Authority?

Yes. We are fully licensed by the private security authority & Audited each year by the EQA. All our equipment meet the required EN50131 your home insurance will required for your home alarm insurance discount

How does house alarm monitoring work?

Your house alarm is connected to our monitoring station 24/7. If an alarm event is triggered you they will call you and if needed they will call the Gardai so attend your home. The GoKonnect smart home security technology means that if an intruder does try and disable the panel our powerful software will know this and alart you and the monitoring station in real time, so you home is always protected

Can i add smart home devices to my GoKonnect Home Security System?

Yes this is the beauty of GoKonnect Smart Home. Our system starts off with home security but very quickly you can turn your home into a smart home. Its so simple to add smart locks, smart heating control, smart lighting control, audio intergation and much more all to your home security system you install on day one. We are not just a home security company we are a smart home company

How to buy my new home security system?

We have multiple ways you can buy with GoKonnect Smart Home Security. You can call our team of smart home professionals where they will walk you through you home, idenftify what is needed and build a system that works for your home and budget. We also allow our custoemrs to buy their new home security systems online with some pre built packages or you can arrange a in house consulation with our team to design a whole new system with you onsite. They is an option for everyone to get started

Can I Add CCTV Cameras to my GoKonnect Home Security System?

Yes. Our modular system means your home security, smart home and CCTV cameras all work on the one application and all work together. We have a wide range of CCTV cameras form outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras and internal cameras that our customers can choose from. Its totally modular so you can add cameras at any stage

Do you provide professional home security installation or DIY Install?

We do both. It totally depends on the home owner. Our team of smart home security professionals will installation all aspects of your house alarm, smart home or CCTV with no fuss or hassle, We will set up your new home alarm app and also our onboarding team will walk your through every aspect of the system. If you choose to do it yourself we have plans and options for customers also.

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