Why Choose Solar PV for your home

Store solar energy

The solar battery can store the solar power you generate via your solar panels during the day.

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Generate free power

By choosing to add solar panels to your home, you can generate your own free electricity for life

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Solar powered hot water

You can use the power of solar to heat your hot water with any excess energy you dont use.

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SEAI Grants up to €2400

The SEAI is currently providing solar pv grants of up to €2400 for homeowners

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How does Solar PV Work

Your solar PV panels generate power from the sun, in turn linked with Solar batteries, Hot water diverters, and ev chargers, Solar can power your entire home. Click icons for more info

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    JA Solar PV Panels

    When the sun shines on your solar panels, the silcon-based panels react with the sun to produce DC Electricity

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    Solis HyBrid Inverters

    The solar panels are then connected to an Inverter which turns DC power into AC power. AC Electricity is what you need to power your home.

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    Myenergi Eddi

    Your solar PV panels will produce power and if you dont us it when generated it naturally flows back to the grid or you can store it in a battery. A My Energi hot water diverter allows any excess power generated to heat the hot water in your home

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    Solar Battery

    A solar battery can store the free solar energy you generate during the day, for you to use at peak electricity times in the evening. Battery sizes can vary from 5kw, 10kw, 15kw

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    Ev Charger

    Link your EV Charger to solar to power your car from the sun. If you have a Zappi EV charged it can connect with your solar PV system to allow you to charge you car in the evening via you battery or during the day with your self generated solar power

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Get up to €2400 SEAI Grant when you install Solar PV & NO Electric Bill in 2024

Speak to our team on whats grants is available to you

Solar PV Panels
Solar Panels that power your home

Start to generate free energy for life when you invest in Solar PV

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Hot Water Diverter
Dont waste your free energy produced

Let your Solar power heat your water

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Solar PV Battery Storage
Combine Solar and Battery Storage

Keep the lights on when the power goes out with a Solar PV Battery

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Solar Installation
SEAI Registered Installation team
1 day install

Our highly experienced team has 15 years installing solar.

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We make it simple to get solar in Ireland.

How GoKonnect Solar Works

Your Solar Estimate

Simple request a call back from our team of friendly solar experts and our team will help design a solar PV system around your home.

Your Home Solar Assessment

Our in house Solar experts will arrange a home assessment with our trained engineers.

Your Solar Installation

Our installation teams will arrive at a date and time that suits you to complete your installation

A fully connected solar PV System

Our Solar Product Range can include

Choose Solar PV to generate your own power

Save up to 50% off your Electricity Bill with GoKonnect Solar

Generate clean energy for your home and reduce your bills and reliance on the grid. GoKonnect provides a full solar panel Installation service for homeowners. We will do a free solar survey and design a system around your current electricy usage so you can maxiumis your savings

MyEnergi Eddi

Use the power of Solar to heat your water

Don’t waste another watt of your self-generated energy from your solar panels. Use your excess energy produced to heat your hot water. Heating hot water is one of the main useage of energy in any home and can be the most costly. Adding an Eddi hot water solar diverter means you can save even more on your energy bils with Solar PV.

Store the free solar energy you produce

Combine Solar and Battery Storage

The solar battery can store power during the day, so it's available at night to keep the lights on for an entire evening. A solar battery system can also turn your off-grid solar system into an emergency backup during power outages.

Your power in your hand.

Manage and monitor your energy from anywhere with your Solar Energy App

Understanding and controlling your energy usage helps you to lower your bills, so we're making it easier for you. Monitoring how your solar panels are performing on a daily bases means you can maximise your self generated consumtion

Its never been easier to get solar

Get Solar Installed with ZERO Upfront

We have multiple ways to choose a solar PV system from us. You can pay upfront or choose one of our easy payment finance options with ZERO Upfront and low repayments.

Buy Now Pay Later Solar

Solar Calculator

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