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GoKonnect Smart Home Support

Our Smart Home Security tech support is available 24/7 and there are multiple ways to contact us.

Our Troubleshooting Guide

Smart Home app

You can contact us through our smart home app. Simple head over to the side menu—scroll down and tap support—then tap on contact us. Here you’ll have multiple ways to contact us including email and by phone.


Our WhatsApp tech support is available to all our customers. If you have the WhatsApp app on our mobile device you can contact use though this number— 0851583625

Office Call

You can also contact us through our office number 042 933 3365 if it suits better. One of your support team will be happy to help.

Tech Support Email

If you have an issue with your system, you can email our support team through our email [email protected]

Emergency Call - After 8 p.m.

For emergency alarm issues, you can call us after hours on our office number 042 933 3365. For any other type of calls, please use another method.

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