Home Security Cameras That Prevent Crime.

Most security cameras only capture crime after it happened. GoKonnect security cameras prevent it. With AI Motion detection, Peirmeter guard beep Alerts & 2 way audio. Our Home Security Cameras prevent crime.


Outdoor home security cameras built to detect what you want

Using our AI analytics, the GoKonnect Smart outdoor security cameras knows the difference between people, animals, and vehicles, Send you smart notifications letting you know what is outside .See every detail with HDR live video, and playback clips on-demand from our smartphone app.


The only doorbell you need

GoKonnect's video doorbell watches over your doorstep and lets you know when visitors stop by. You get total coverage with a 180° field of view, and instant alerts when motion is detected. There is no better way to protect your porch when with our two-way talk feature — whether you're at home or on the go.


Check in and chat with the family

The GoKonnect Indoor Wifi home security Camera is the perfect way to view the inside of your home. You can speak to the kids with two-way-talk, watch over the newborn with night vision and even set up smart motion detection and pick up mischievous pets.


Call family members when you're at home

Our push-to-talk feature on our wellness camera lets Mam and Dad call you quickly if they need help.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I install home security cameras?

Many of today’s home security cameras can be installed and configured by the homeowner without the need to get an engineer to install them. With GoKonnect we provide both a professional install and a self-install service for home security Cameras. GoKonnect provides a range of cameras for the home. Outdoor, indoor, and doorbell cameras so your entire home will be covered. We suggest following some tips to installing your new smart HD cameras

  • Outdoor cameras come with a standard 240v plug so you can simply plug them in, pair them into your system and you are good to go. When placing the cameras around the home. You might need to drill through a wall or roof soffit to gain access to a stand plug socket. Once you have sourced a plug socket, simply plugin and you are good to go.
  • Indoor cameras are really easy to install and can be placed throughout the home. All indoor cameras come with a standard 240V Plug so you can simply plug in place the camera where you want to view and pair it into your GoKonnect account and now you can see what is happening in your home
  • Doorbell cameras do need standard 12v wiring. So you will need an existing working doorbell or have the wires there. If you have an existing doorbell, simply remove the old doorbell, place the new Video doorbell camera backplate on the wall and attach the existing 2 wires to your back place, place your doorbell onto the backplate and tighten the base screw. Pair into your GoKonnect Account and now you can see what is at your front door.

The great benefit of the GoKonnect system is our support network. We provide full installation service for both WIFI and POE cctv camera's, so no matter what type of how you have our team can install for you

How many home security cameras can I add to my system?

The great thing about GoKonnect smart home is that our system is totally modular so you can add as many home security cameras as you like and when you need them. You can start with a Doorbell Camera and add indoor, outdoor cameras or our wellness cameras at any stage. You can choose which cloud storage recording plans which suit the level of cameras you have to suit your needs. This gives you 30 days recordings when motion is detected so you always have access to what is happening and it removes the need for an expensive harddrive

Do your home security cameras have two-way audio?

Yes, our Indoor & outdoor HD home security cameras, Wellness cameras and Doorbell cameras. You can see and speak to anyone no matter where you are in the world.

Do I have Smart HD Cloud Recording?

Yes. All GoKonnect home security Cameras come with 30 days of smart HD Cloud recording. GoKonnect smart HD cloud recording activities on a movement around your home triggering recordings and save them for 30 days. You can easily access the footage and share it in real time with friends and family in the event of an emergency. All GoKonnect cameras require a cloud storage plan. If you take a contract with GoKonnect your contract plan will include Cloud storage.

If you choose to take a self-monitoring no-contract plan you have to pay for the cloud storage as a standalone. You have 2 options.

Option 1: Standalone doorbell with 1200 clips of 30 recording storage is €4.99 per month

Option 2: Full CCTV cloud storage plan which includes up to 2 cameras and can include a doorbell with 3000 clips and full AI Smart Motion detection which is €7.99 per month - other home security camera cloud storage plans available for increased number of cameras

How can I view my cameras at night?

All GoKonnect Home secuirty Cameras come with IR Night vision capabilities so you can keep an eye on what matters in the middle of the night. With adjustable night vision you can adjust the sensitivity depending on what surrounding light might be in your neighbourhood

Do I get smart AI Motion detection notifications when movement is detected?

Yes, GoKonnect indoor and outdoor home security cameras use smart AI advanced motion detection analytics. So with our smart HD camera you can set up trip wires, hotspot zones if movement is detected, our smart AI motion detection will identify if a person, animal or vehicle has triggered an alert sending you a smart notification telling you exactly what is outside your home.

Is there different types of outdoor home security cameras

GoKonnect has multiple options when it comes to home security cameras. When we do a home assessment we will be advised on what type might work best for your home. Here our camera type

  1. POE Outdoor Home Security Cameras - Power of Ethernet basically. The installation process for these cameras means we will run CAT 5 / CAT 6 Cable directly to the camera from one central point. This is usually through the attic space in the home.
  2. WIFI Outdoor Home Security Cameras - They connect to your internet via a wi-fi connection. These cameras can be fixed to any point outside the home as long as there is a power supply and sufficient internet speed at that point
  3. Commerical POE Secuity cameras - Also Power over Ethernet however with a high level Resoulaton and with Heating Mapping AI software

Security cameras for my home which works best?

Security cameras are becoming more popular theses days and we can help support you with designing the correct home security camera system for your home. We have 5 types of security cameras to choose from, here is an example of what we can do

  • Outdoor Home Security cameras - Both WIFI & POE Cameras
  • Indoor WIFI Home Security Cameras
  • Doorbell HD Cameras

Depending on your home and layout we will design a security camera system to fit perfectlu and give you max cover

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