Quick and easy to setup.

The GoKonnect smart door/window contact is designed to fit perfectly on your doors or windows, working even when its disarmed.

Close the door behind you.

Smart notification will alert you when you leave a door or window open.

Know what happens, when it happens.

Always know exactly when something happens at home with your smart phone activity feed from anywhere in the world.

No more surprises.

Our smart sensors learn your daily patterns so if something out of the ordinary happens, you get an instant alert no matter where you are.

Critical Alerts when there's alarm.

In the event of an alarm you'll get critical alerts to your smart phone* no matter where you are. It will even bypass your silent mode so you'll always stay informed.

Smart Entry Sensors


More ways than one.

Arm & disarm your home remotly from your smart phone or apple watch or at home with your new touchscreen panel.

Ready to make your home Safe, Secure & Connected?

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