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27 January 2021

7 Common Home Security Mistakes!

It’s important to feel safe at home, with it being a priority for many of us. Yet sometimes we use shortcuts to secure our home when in fact, it may do more harm than good.

Many of us are working from home lately so we’re not leaving the house as often but, when it comes to home security, it doesn't need to be complicated.

Mistake #1: Having a complicated security system

Your home is a place where you should feel comfortable and relaxed. You don't need to turn your home into a fortress. We make it very simple for you to build your own home security system. 

Getting in and out of your home when you need to should be swift and easy or additionally if you need to get into your home and your front door doesn't open, what do you do then? When getting smart locks for your home, it’s important that they work both ways. Smart locks should not be a replacement for your keys. Getting a smart lock like the GoKonnect Smart Lock is the perfect solution for your home because it not only locks and unlocks remotely but also works with your keys when you need them.


Mistake #2: Leaving windows open

Opening our windows lets us fill our home with fresh air, but leaving your windows open when you’re going out is a big mistake. Burglars look for an easy place to break in, so reducing the risk of your home standing out, is key to keeping it safe.  

With traditional home security, when you leave a window open, you can’t arm your home. So the burglar may think that because of this, the alarm is not set, making for an easy target. With GoKonnect Smart Security, you can still arm your home with a window open, But that window is not covered when you leave it open. The great thing is that our Smart Security lets you know if you leave a door or window open. So you’ll always know which one you need to close.


Mistake #3: Having an alarm you can’t control remotely

Having an alarm that when triggered, sets off a siren inside and or outside your home is important. But having an alarm that you can only activate and deactivate from a keypad on the wall is a huge limitation for you and your home. Instead get an alarm system that you can arm and disarm remotely, such as a GoKonnect Home Security System.

It means that if the alarm goes off at 3 am and you don’t know who is downstairs, would you go down to turn it off? Not a chance. If you have a key fob or a smartphone you can do it from your bedroom.


Mistake #4: Leaving lights and the TV on

Probably the oldest trick in the book is leaving a light or the TV on when you go out. Unfortunately, burglars know these tricks and aren't fooled. If they see a TV on at the front of the house, burglars will most likely move to the back of the house. Or if there's a light on in the house, burglars will knock on the door to see if someone is home.

With a GoKonnect Smart Security System, you won't need to do that. Not only will our security trigger an alarm instantly when there's an intruder, but with our Skybell Video Doorbell, you’ll also know if someone comes to your front door before they even knock with instant alerts.


Mistake #5: Not getting new locks when you move in

New locks might not seem like a big deal when you get a new home, but it’s something you should change when you move in. It's always possible that a burglar could have visited a show house viewing, so now they know what your windows and door are like.

Before or when you move in, changing your locks should be a priority. It means that you can start securing your homes in other ways now that you’ve changed an important aspect of your home.


Mistake #6: Having a minutes-long light sensor

An outdoor light sensor is a good way to keep your porch area bright and visible. But having a long activated outdoor light sensor is not a good idea because if it’s set off while you're asleep you’re not going to know. But something that goes on and off rapidly will get your attention.

With our smart bulbs and outdoor cameras, you can have your light turn off when there is motion detected. A blinking light inside your home lets you know when someone is outside.


Mistake #7: Keeping your main set of keys in plain sight

If burglars can make life easier for themselves, they’re going to do it. This is why having your main set of keys in plain sight, such as on the kitchen table is not a good idea. You’ll most likely end up changing your locks after a burglary. It sounds counterintuitive but a burglar taking your spare car key is better than taking your main set of keys to not only your car but your house too.

Protecting your home with great home security isn’t difficult. We make it easy for you to build a system that suits you and your home. We let you choose what you want, and install it whatever way suits you best.


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