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5 August 2021

Smart Home Ireland Ultimate Guide

Ireland's Ultimate Smart Home Guide. Pro Smart Home tips from the Professionals

When it comes to smart home control in Ireland, The average number of devices connected to one ecosystem is 8. This number will continue to increase with more and more Irish homeowners making their homes smart

Smart home security and smart home control help make home life secure and more connected. When it comes to smart home devices how do you make sure they are all controlled in a way that works best? A great example is the GoKonnect Smart Home App & Smart Touchscreen control panel !! Combined it becomes easy to control your home no matter where you are in the world

GoKonnect Smart Home Professionals onboarding new customers 

Introducing the GoKonnect Smart Home Touchscreen Panel?

Today Control panels are small touchscreen panels or keypads that allow you to control various aspects of your smart home. These panels can be mounted anywhere accessible for the homeowner and can be an attractive feature on the wall. Create a photo slideshow of family memories when idle that will turn your security panel into a live photo frame.

The smart home system panel can be recognized differently by individuals as the alarm panel, base station, or smart hub but whatever you may call it, all control panels will serve the same fundamental purpose of your smart home devices and system and most of all will be the central control point for all your security and smart home devices. 

There is a certain convenience factor with these control panels, touch screens are a fast and responsive user interface and it will ensure that your security and smart home devices are working together correctly and effectively without any constant complications.

Smart Home Hubs have changed the Home Security Market

Smart home technology has significantly advanced over the years and today smart home security systems vastly expand the control of your home and traditional security measures with the latest in technology, for example, strong external doors and locks limit access to the property while a smart system will authorize the homeowner to lock and unlock the front door remotely from the convenience of their smartphone.

What can you do with a smart home control panel?

The control panel gives the homeowner the opportunity to manage and have total control of their smart home but what does this exactly mean? Different brands can offer an individual a range of contrasting features and capabilities but depending on your system, some of the standard home security commands you can expect to have on your control panel include:

  • Arm and disarm your Home Security system
  • Turn on  Remotely lighting for day and night
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Adjust the heating in the home
  • View your home security camera footage (live or recorded)
  • Answer your front door and speak to the person
  • Communicate with your system’s central monitoring center
  • Get immediate help via a panic or emergency button
  • View local weather and emergency alerts

As the central point of home security in the home, most people will actually use the control panel for much more than just a simple security function, the GoKonnect Smart Home panel hub can offer much more control and change the way the homeowner interacts with their home on a daily basis:

Help in an emergency

There are plenty of security panels currently on the market that is equipped with a one-touch emergency panic button that will alert close family users and emergency services in the event of a home security alarm. These internal panic buttons on the panel can be a very useful feature that will protect people from personal harm and are certainly beneficial to family members and provide a discreet and convenient way to summon help in an emergency such as an unexpected burglary or intruder trying to gain access to your home.

Control your system from both the Smart Hub and the app.

Closing up for the night

Managing the normal routine of turning off the living room light, locking all the external doors, turning off the garage light, and setting the alarm can be a stressful task, a smart home security panel offers a convenience factor and great home management insights e.g energy efficient with smart bulbs and control how long the children spend their free time watching TV with smart switches. A control panel allows you to simplify your nighttime routine all from the comfort of one security panel. 

Answering your front door

The unexpected doorbell ring early in the morning can be inconvenient for everyone in the household but with Skybell Video Doorbell you can always be aware of the unexpected guest or delivery driver with your long-awaited parcel. The IQ Touchscreen panel will also give you the option to answer and speak to individuals at your front door without even having to rush to the door and also with motion technology you can monitor and manage the front door activity while also taking steps to protect against intruders. The Skybell Video Doorbell is equipped with HD recording, smart lock integration, live view, and with smart home security system integration, this will offer homeowners a new level of home security with a certain convenience factor. 

Know what’s going on around the house

The amount of control you receive over your home with an IQ Touch Screen panel is limitless. Once a door is opened by an individual you will be alerted with a chime tone notification from your panel, giving the homeowner added protection and security if alone at night or to an individual who may be living alone, the panel is seamlessly an extra eye of contact for the homeowner. The internal 5mp camera on the panel does a number of things, firstly it will automatically take a picture every time the panel is disarmed and it can also send those pictures immediately to your smartphone through a text message. A great feature means the homeowner is always aware of action and movement in their home at any time of the day and from any location.

Smart home and security apps

The great benefit of a smart home system is the ability for the homeowner to be able to monitor and control different aspects of their smart home from anywhere in the world like smart lighting, smart lock, and smart heating for example. The smart home app will give you full control of the entire home from the touch of your fingertips and also give you the opportunity to review CCTV camera footage instantly from your cloud storage on your smart app of an unfortunate incident or emergency burglary and pass it to the emergency services.

Smart Home automation apps will give you accessibility to make any changes to your smart home system without the need to access the IQ Touch Screen panel. Set lighting schedules for when you come home from work and never panic about the house keys with smart lock automation from your smart app. The Gokonnect Smart Home app will give you complete control of your home security from any location and also provide total customization, for example, you can:

  • Know what’s going on at home in real time.  Notifications can be set up and customized around your own home schedule and you can be alerted if the front door is unlocked or the kitchen window has been left open. You will never miss a movement again around your home with instant notifications to your smart app.
  • Set custom actions. Customize actions around your home and set scenes or schedules for the morning rush or the nighttime. So if you want your bathroom lights to turn off automatically at a certain time or your hallway light to automate when motion is detected at your front door, this can be set up and activated on your GoKonnect smart app.
  • Control access to your home. Never miss the morning parcel from your delivery driver or an evening visit from your neighbor with smart lock automation from your smart app. Unlock the door and lock door seamlessly from your smart app, eliminating the need for keys.
  • Arm and disarm your security system. Never panic again in the morning rush to work about your home security system, instead disarm and arm your home security remotely from your smart home app. 

Smart apps vs smart control panels

If you have a smartphone app for your home, do you really need a control panel? Absolutely. The simple answer is that your smart home app is used primarily when you are away from the home, for example, you are at work or maybe on holiday and you want to manage and monitor your home security. However, the security panel is for when you are inside the home and need to make alterations to your system, both work in conjunction and give you full smart home control and security from inside and outside your home.

Integrating smart control with your devices

When you’re shopping around for home automation and security devices, it’s important to remember that not all devices play well together. There are hundreds if not thousands of smart home devices, all made by different manufacturers and companies.

Combining a wide variety of devices may end up complicating the very things you’re trying to simplify. If you create a piecemeal system, you might find that your control panel only works for your security system, or you need a different app and log in for each smart home device.

For that reason, an integrated system is the best way to go. With integrated home automation and security system, you’ll be able to take advantage of the benefits that smart control provides.

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