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4 March 2021

How Secure Is Your Home?

How Secure Is Your Home?

 Your home is more than just a roof over your head—it's a place where you can go to feel comfortable and safe. But in order to make it safe, homeowners need to take steps to ensure their homes are secure against everything from break-ins to fires.

With that in mind, do you know how secure your home really is? and what you can do to make your home safe and sound from the inside out.

Get safe with a Smart Home Alarm

GoKonnect Home Security System protects your home inside and out with security devices that make life safer, easier, and more convenient. Here are some of the products that make that possible:

With a home security system, your life will be safer, easier, and more convenient.

The Base to your home security system 

When people think of home security systems, they usually think of features that protect your home from break-ins, like loud alarms and motion detectors. But break-ins aren't the only thing that could threaten your home.

In addition to the CCTV Cameras mentioned above, a smart home security system from GoKonnect Smart Home keeps your home secure with things like: 

  • Smart Home Security Sensors lets know if someone tries to enter your home when your system is armed. 
  • Smart door locks that eliminate keys and instead use a unique code that unlocks your door. You can also lock or unlock it from your smartphone. They can also be set to lock automatically, which is perfect for people who forget to lock up. 
  • Smoke alarms that can sense heat, alerting you and your family to danger before you even smell smoke. 
  • Carbon monoxide detectors to identify and protect you from this silent killer.
  • Our Optional Monitored Alarm Monitoring keeps an eye on your home at all times, alerting you and the proper personnel if an alarm is tripped or something is amiss. 
  • The GoKonnect Smart Home Hub lets you view your camera footage, lock your doors, and manage your home automation, but also features a panic button so you can get help with the touch of a button. 

Stay in the know with CCTV Cameras

It used to be that home surveillance cameras were only accessible to the rich and famous. Today, however, a wide range of CCTV Cameras exist to let you see the inside and outside of your home whenever you want:

  • GoKonnect's Smart Outdoor CCTV Camera not only gives you a great view of your property but also identifies potential lurkers on your property and warns them that they're being recorded.
  • Indoor WIFI Cameras are not only good for security, but they're also a great way to check on kids, pets, or elderly family members.
  • A Doorbell Camera from GoKonnect lets you answer the door no matter where you are, notifying you whenever anyone comes to your front door.

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere with security cameras.

Making it all work together with Smart Home Control

How many times have you left your home in a rush only to wonder if you locked your front door, closed your garage, or remembered to turn the heat down so you don't waste energy? For most of us, it's easy to do! 

With Smart home automation from GoKonnect, you don't have to worry about whether your home is vulnerable while you're away. Many of your home's security features can be automated, including locking doors, adjusting lighting, and arming your home security system. 

You can also control your home wherever you are with the GoKonnect Smart Home app. So if your kids are locked out or you get a notification that someone's at the door, you can easily handle it all from your smartphone

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