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Easily find the moment you want with event markers

We've simplified security camera playback with Event Markers. When a door is unlocked, or a sensors is triggered around your home, our smart security cameras add a marker to those moments, so that when you need to find an important moment during the day, you can.

Fast uploads for instant playback

Keep your security cameras moving fast while being able to stream your favourite shows. Recordings upload over your home WiFi straight to your GoKonnect Smart SVR.

Quickly search footage with filters

With the GoKonnect Smart SVR you can quickly search from multiple cameras event type, like motion detection, event trigger and even object detection, and avoid the hassle of searching through days of footage.

Sharing the important moments has never been easier

Share important events from your security cameras by creating custom clips up to 5 minutes long from playback footage. Download and share these clips directly to your smart phone and share them with the family.

Amazing video storage with an amazing price.

Recording more video with GoKonnect Smart SVR. This small device gives you 1 TB of storage and gives you continuous recording on your choice of up to 4 cameras for 30 days of video footage.

On Demand Video.

GoKonnect Smart SVR fully integrates with your GoKonnect Smart Home system so you can view all your video recorded footage from anywhere in the world using your GoKonnect Smart Home App.

Catch all the action from up to four cameras.

Link a maximum of eight cameras to your GoKonnect Smart SVR, including indoor and outdoor cameras to cover all areas around your home. On demand playback gives you a complete picture of events and important moments from the past month.

*30 day playback—Maximum 4 Cameras

Every moment in the palm of your hand.

Get up to 30 days playback with our smart SVR. Find exact moments with event markers, save clips to your phone and share with your family.

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