Stay up-to-date on what happens at home

With our GoKonnect Smart Home Security app, you can see all your system’s activity. From the first motion detected at your front door, to the last window being closed.

Secure your home from anywhere

Arm & Disarm your home from anywhere. No need for a keypad when you are on holiday, in bed or out of the house. “Arm stay” when you are at home so you can walk around freely. See all your door & window sensors and immediately know if any are open.

Get reminded when you forget

Our Smart Home Security reminds you not only when you leave a door or window open, but when you forget to arm your system. With GoKonnect geo-location services, you’ll receive an instant alert when you leave your home un-armed. You can even arm & disarm your home security while at work, on holiday or on-the-go.

Make sure they get home safe

Create disarming reminders for when family members come home, and if they are late, you’ll receive an instant ‘No Show Alert’.

Know who comes and goes

When you add family users to your system, they are given there own unique user code. Each time it is used, you’ll know who armed and disarmed your home security system. And because they have their own smartphone app login, when they do the same remotely, you still know.

Ready to make your home Safe, Secure & Connected?

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