Keep your rooms covered.

Get instant critically alerts if movement is detected and your house alarm has triggered, Not only that you can set up a motion sensor in your office or the kid's room and know instantly when someone walks in even when the home security system is disarmed

No more sleepless nights

Our smart motion detectors learn your patterns so if there's unusual activity like the kids getting up in the middle of the night you'll get notified with our setting off the alarm. Our arm stay mode means you can set your house alarm and walk around the home at night and not trigger an alarm event

One smart connected home.

Use your motion sensors not only for home security but to turn your smart bulbs into motion-activated lights. Perfect for when someone gets up in the middle of the night, you can set the motion detector to trigger the light to come on in the hall or landing. Its toally customiabel so you can set up any light in your home to trigger

More ways than one.

Arm & disarm your home remotly from your smart phone or apple watch or at home with your new touchscreen panel.

Ready to make your home Safe, Secure & Connected?

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