Independent Living

Take care of the elderly while they live at home.

Give your family the safety and independence they want with our Smart Wellness Security.

Know your parents are safe

Is Mum up on time? Did Dad leave the front door open? GoKonnect's Wellness solutions give you an easy and intuitive way to know.

GoKonnect Wellness uses a system of smart sensors throughout your family home to alert you of the important activity that does or doesn't happen.

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Stay Informed when it matters most.

Instant activity alerts keep you up-to-date with what is going on. Best of all is that you customise the notifications you receive to you're getting the information you want.

  • Get an alert if the medicine cabinet hasn’t been opened by a specified time every day.
  • Know instantly if an exterior door is opened at night, or at an unusual time.
  • Know if your loved one isn't moving around their home during the daytime.

Connect to loved ones anytime

The push-to-talk feature on the Wellness camera allows Mum and Dad to call you and get in touch. And even better is that you can speak and see them all from the video feed in our smart home app.


One step ahead

It's hard to know how your parents are doing when they live alone. Our Wellness system can help spot daily issues by alerting you to unusual activity or changes in pattern.

  • Wandering: Dad’s bed sensor indicates that he’s been out of bed since 2:00 AM.
  • Appetite: Mom’s refrigerator door sensor has been opened less than usual this week.
  • Inactivity: Dad’s chair sensor indicates that he’s sitting down longer and getting up less

Ready to go?

Let us design a smart independent living solution to protect your loved ones

Frequently asked independent living questions

How Does GoKonnect Care Independent living work

We use the latest in smart wireless technology which is easy to install in any home. Our base hub provides the brains of the operation along with smart sensors to monitor activity. Full Smart home control can be add easily along with smart HD cameras to check in on loved ones. All this backed up by our powerful software which gives all family memers real time infromation no matter where they are in the world

Do you need Wi-Fi in the home

No. All our systems come with a 4g Back up cellular sim card. So if there is no WIFI in the home our system will still work and provide real time alerts and reminders to all familly members phones.

How easy is it to use the GoKonnect care platform

The GoKonnect care independent living platform is designed to be used by everyone, so it is really simple to use, forget that fear of technology. Our team will do a full on boarding and training program with all family members and we also have our team on hand 24 x 7 to answer any questions you may have.

How much does GoKonnect Care cost

We have made the GoKonnect care indepenent living solution afforadable to everyone. We can design and build a system around your familys needs and its modular so if things change, you can add more products so we can adapt the system to life itself. You dont need any contracts with us at all we offer no contract solutions to everyone

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