What is Smart Home Automation

What is Smart Home Automation 15 May 2020

What is Smart Home Automation

Imagine you had a home that turns up the heating before you get in, turns on your lights when motion is detected, smart speakers that play your favourite morning playlist when you wake up or locks your front door when you arm your system.

Smart home automation allows you to transform your home into a completely connected smart home, that you can control with your smartphone, set up automation rules to make it more comfortable and convenient for you and your family.

What is home automation?

When you disarm your home, have your smart lights activate—smart thermostat turns down—front door unlocks—smart speaker plays a radio station or Spotify, and that was with one simple button press. Home automation helps you reduce tedious tasks, like switching off the TV at night with our smart appliance control or going around every door and window to see if they are all closed—you can just check your smart home app and it will tell you.


And what about a smart home?

Our smart home has devices that intelligently learns your patterns and use that information to send you activity alerts, A.I motion detection cameras that can detect animals, people and vehicles and know that difference.

Some of our popular devices that make up a smart home include;

Smart thermostats

Our smart thermostat can automatically adjust your home temperature based on the weather outside, whether or not a window or door is open and your personal preferences from daily use. Geo-location also allows your thermostat to activate and deactivate if you’re coming home or leaving.


Indoor & Outdoor Cameras

Security cameras aren’t considered to make your home a smart home, but they are a great addition to help keep your home safe and secure. When considering indoor and outdoor cameras for your home one of the most sought after features is motion detection. Both indoor and outdoor GoKonnect security cameras feature A.I motion detections with the ability to know the difference between people, animals and vehicles.

To avoid unnecessary alerts when living in the countryside, you can tell your cameras, not to detect animals at night time. You can also set up tripwires and detection zones for areas that have a high amount of activity such as, your driveway, side of the house, even the front gate.

The best thing is, all of this can be set up on your smartphone. And you can live-view remotely, recording clips and view them on-demand from anywhere.


Smart Door Locks

Our smart door locks can go on your home office door, front door and back door, once it is the correct door type. You can lock and unlock these doors remotely. If you have a home office and want an extra level of security you can also ad-on our keypad for our smart door locks. Our smart home scenes allow you to lock up your home with one command. And if a door is still unlocked by a specific time, you will get a reminder.


Smart Lighting

Smart lights are a great smart home feature that is convenient and can also be applied to your smart security. You can set the front hall light to turn on when you arrive home, before sunset or at a specific time of day. With smart security, you can tell your light to active when a camera detects motion or when the Skybell Video Doorbell is pushed. With the GoKonnect Smart Home app, you can also turn your lights on/off from anywhere.


Smart Speakers

The inclusion of SONOS speakers with our smart home means that your smart home can play your favourite station or playlist or podcast when you wake into the morning. All you need to do is add it to your ‘scenes’. If you already have SONOS smart speakers, you can link them with our Smart Home system. Based on which speakers you have, you can use Alexa or your Google Assistant to control your home.


The best thing about having a smart home is seamless integration. Its never been easier to get a smart home up and running with GoKonnect and as our customer, you will continue to have support whether its a question about your system or you want to ad-on more features.

Call 042 933 3365 today and get your new smart home.

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