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3 February 2023

The ultimate smart lock guide

The Ultimate Smart Home Lock Guide for 2023 

 Choosing to add smart locks for your home is now standard with smart home security systems. You might be sick of losing keys or the kids getting locked out when you are not there, or you just want to expand your home security needs.

Smart locks now mean you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world.. While your smart home security system will let you know the door is closed, the added benefit of smart locks is that you can check if the front door or back door is locked.

Our smart lock guide will talk you through some of the benefits of adding these products to your home security system can be, and what to look out for when choosing a smart locking system for your home.


Tell me about smart locks.

Smart locks is a device that replaces your traditional key locking mechanism on your door, it allows you to lock and unlock the door via smart home apps, Alexa, Siri, google home, and touchscreen panels. Internet of Things (IoT) technology is one of the great things allowing smart locks to work in your home

Are Smart Keys Different from Smart Locks?

Smart keys refer to how you control your door lock, through a smartphone, smart home hubs, voice control, and access control. This technology usually relies on communication protocols like zwave, WI-FI, and Bluetooth to allow you to control the smart locks away from your home. 

Why Choose a Smart Lock?

When our customers choose their smart home security system, adding smart locks to the house alarm has some big advantages. Some advantages of smart locks are:

  • Smart locks make life easy. No need to worry about getting up at night to check if your door is locked, simply open your smart home app and check from the comfort of your own bed.Improved home security. The modern smart locks on the 
  •  The modern smart locks on the market have secure barrels stopping any burglar from hacking the barrel. Also, they 
  • can be set to lock your door automatically so you never forget always know who accesses your home. All GoKonnect smart home security customers have the ability to set up unique pins codes, so you can track whos coming and going
  • Increased peace of mind. With smart notifications, you can get alerts when the kids get home from school letting you know they have entered the home safely. Plus you don't have to worry about them losing keys and getting locked out
  • Smart locks can integrate with your smart home security system. A great example of this is if you have a package being delivered to your home, you can check in on the video doorbell camera, chat with the delivery driver, unlock the door, place it inside your home, then you can lock the door again, 
  • Full access to your door locks from anywhere in the world. If you are on holiday and are not sure if you have locked the doors, you can simply open up your smart home app and check. 

Control your smart locks with a simple voice command. A great example of the GoKonnect smart locks is that you can integrate with multiple smart voice control devices, like Alexa, Siri, and google home 


How to install smart locks?

The great thing about smart locks is that they can replace your existing lock without the need to drill or mark your door. You can now use the door locks without keys through your smart home app, Smart locks can allow you to control them via smart app, touchscreen panels, voice control, and set up unique user codes for each member of your family 

The great thing about adding smart locks to your home security system is that you now have a fully integrated system, so when you arm your home, the door can lock automatically 

We all know the morning rush so if are running a little late, you can always, say “Hey Siri lock my front door” and consider it done,

Smart locks when integrated with a smart home security system use protocols like Z-Wave, Zigbee or wifi to allow you to lock or unlock your door when you are away from your home. 

Integrating smart locks into your smart home security system not only gives you app control, touchscreen panel control or voice control, but you can also set up smart home rules, meaning you can tell the system when you are home for the doors to lock automatically, or if you disarm the home it can unlock the doors for you.,

Home security systems with smart locks have added security benefits like setting up unique user codes so you can see who is coming and going while making sure your home is protected


What is the best smart lock for my home?

There are multiple types of smart locks in the market. They can work with all sorts of doors, like fiberglass, timber, sliding and double doors, 

When choosing a smart lock that integrates with your smart home security system, There are some things to consider. 

What features do you want from your smart lock?

When choosing a smart lock for you home, it's important to consider how it can benefit you 

Do you want to be able to lock doors remotely, set up unique user codes to track users, or just have peace of mind knowing you never have to worry about losing keys again? 

Does it integrate with your smart home security system?

If you have the right smart home security system, all devices in the home should work together giving you a personalized experience. When all your devices work together, you can have full control all from one system either through a smartphone, touchscreen panels, and voice control 

It is important to choose a home security system that provides full compatibility. 

GoKonnect provides a fully integrated smart home security system that connects all your devices under the ecosystem. This provides a seamless working experience among devices 

How to install a smart lock? 

Smart locks can be easy to install, providing the lock and door are the correct fit. Some commercial smart locks are designed to replace the entire locking system, so  it’s not always the best idea to install it yourself, 

You risk of damaging the door, and locking system, and maybe even voiding any warranty you have with your home builder or door manufacturer is something to bear in mind if you decide to install a smart lock in your home yourself. 

Getting a professional to install a smart lock can avoid any disasters when it comes to damaging the door or voiding the warranty. GoKonnect offers a full professional installation service  for smart locks and also your home security system

With so much information on the web regarding smart home devices it can be confusing, so we have added some faqs for you. 

How to overcome hacking?

Like any smart home device that has a remote connection the chances are there it can be hacked it's important to protect your wifi password to avoid any unwanted guests

Some professionally installed smart locks come with S2 Zwave Encryption to avoid hacking. This increases the barrier to hacking meaning your home is more protected 

Can I use the smart lock if I have no power?

Smart locks installed in most homes run on batteries. If you have a power failure and its connection to your smart home security system you will have cell back up meaning your lock with work remotely as always, this is the case for all GoKonnect smart home security customers, not all Smart locks have the ability to worth without power or wifi, so check that with your provider

Are smart door locks worth it?

Smart locks don't also add an extra layer of security to your home, they also add a great deal of value to your home. You can let family members in when you are not at home, and they also allow you to use voice commands as a wait to lock and unlock your door, 

Adding smart locks to your home is great when you have kids, imagine this: You are at work and your kids arrive home from school and have lost their keys. Instead of having to leave work early, drive all the way home or ring a family member to call over, you can simply open your smart home app, unlock the door, and let them in, not only that you can lock it behind them so they are safe inside.

Discover why using smart locks with GoKonnect is the way forward

Adding smart locks to your home security system is a great way to have control over your entire home. When choosing a smart home security system that is totally modular so you can expand into a smart home, GoKonnect is the place for you

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