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28 June 2021

The Best Self Monitored Alarm With A Smart Home App

The Best Self Monitored Alarm with a smart home app. 

 Having a self-monitored alarm with remote access allows you to stay connected with your home via your smartphone, tablet, and apple watch from anywhere in the world. Today smart home security technology allows you to remotely control your home alarm, smart home devices, and even check in with a live view on your cameras. You can set up smart notifications to keep your alerts what matters most. So, let's take a look at the top 5 benefits of having a self-monitored alarm with features packed with a smart home app


1. Never miss a moment at home again

These days we all live busy lives, if you are at work, in the gym, or at an expected family event, having remote access to your home has never been so important. Using the GoKonnect Smart Home app on your smartphone, you can control your home alarm, smart lighting, smart locks, and much more. Even better if you forget to do something, you can easily lock a door, turn off a light or adjust the heating all with one touch of a button.

When the kids get home from school you can simply disarm your home, unlock the door plus.

When you’re not home, you can check in and speak to them with a doorbell camera. Our doorbell cameras are great for when you need a package delivered, simply see and speak to your driver, unlock the door and lock it when they have placed the package inside your home if you trust them.


2. Save On Energy Bills

In a greener world, it's great to save energy when you can. This not only saves you money but is better for the world around us. When choosing a self-monitored alarm, a GoKonnect home alarm with a smart thermostat allows you to control the heating in your home from anywhere using your phone.

Not only can you control and monitor your energy usage, but you can also make sure your home is at the perfect temperature when you get home. Smart thermostats, like the one GoKonnect provides, allow you to set temperature schedules based on your home requirements, so you never have to worry about it again.


3. Give permanent, temporary, or limited access to guests

A great example of giving unique codes to your self-monitored alarm is when you hire someone to do work on your home and they need access when you're not there. You are unsure of the individual so you can not be sure they can be trusted. 

We got you covered — you simply give them a temporary access code to your smart self-monitored alarm,  or remotely disarm the home from your app, and keep an eye on them with your CCTV Cameras all in one app on your smartphone. You can speak to them with GoKonnect Two-way talk cameras to make sure all is good so you never have to worry again.

Once the person has left your home. You can set the code to expire automatically or you can delete code quickly from your app. Be sure no one will get access to your home even if they think they have the alarm code. 

With a smart self-monitored alarm, you never have to worry about locked doors or unset alarms again.


4. Always have an extra layer of protection

A traditional self-monitored alarm system can catch an unexpected guest and keep your home safe,  but the purpose of  GoKonnect smart home alarm is to prevent this before it happens. A great way to deter an intruder is to have cameras and a yard sign that lets people know you have a smart home security system, but with a smart alarm there are other ways to prevent deter a burglar.

If you are away on holidays and someone is keeping an eye on your property, having no lights on for a period of time is a sure sign no one is home. Leaving your lights on can run up your energy bill which becomes expensive. A smart self-monitored alarm with smart lighting control allows you to add smart bulbs or plugs, allow you to set lighting schedules, turn them on at night or even have lights turn on if motion is detected on our smart HD outdoor cameras.


5. Always peace of mind

The main benefit of having a smart home security system with a smart home app is having peace of mind. You can rest easy no matter where you are in the world knowing you are always connected to your home. If you have pets, family, or kids at home you can always keep an eye on them when you’re not there to always make sure everyone is safe.

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