Professional House Alarm Monitoring

We are always here to help when you need it.

GoKonnect 24/7 home security monitoring house alarm and support mean you have backup if an alarm event occurs, Our smart home monitoring team will call you in an instant, if we cant get you, we will send the garda or fire response.


Get instant updates if your alarm is triggered

The GoKonnect Self Monitoring Home Secuirty App keeps you connected to your home no matter where you are. You will get real-time notifications in the event of an alarm occurring and check-in with live video and talk to your visitors

Arm your system from your phone

Control from anywhere

Left in a hurry? Need to let Mum or Dad in while you're out? Not a problem. Arm and disarm your home using your phone, tablet or computer.

Stay informed 24/7

Get instant alerts with smart notifications

Your home security system is always working, keeping you up-to-date with everything that happens at home, wether you're their or not.

Be at home when you're not

Live view your home with cameras

With our smart cameras, you can live-view your home at any moment. Check-in on the kids, chat to them with two-way talk and even talk to visitors at your front door with our Video Doorbell Camera.

Why choose a monitored alarm system

With a self-monitored alarm, you are left to call the Authorities in the event of an emergency if an intruder breaks into your home. Let's be honest you might not have the time to react

GoKonnect's accredited professional monitoring station will call you in the event of an alarm event in your home. If we cant get you or you need help, we will send our emergency services to you home to help. GoKonnect give our customers multiple ways to have Professional monitoring with the flexabibilty to add it when you need it and turn it off when you dont

Start to build your system today

Smart. Sleek. Secure. Our award-winning home security features a wide range of comprehensive cameras and sensors that protect your whole home 24/7.

Everything works together

Combine products for a safer home

Frequently asked questions

Can i use GoKonnect without a plan?

Yes. You can use the smart security touchscreen panel and sensors as a standalone product with no plan. You won't have remote access via the smart home app. You will need a self-monitored alarm plan to have remote access which you can pay yearly which starts at €99 per with full smart home control features & GSM back up. You cannot add professional monitoring without a plan.

Can i choose a monitoring plan which i can cancel anytime?

Yes you can ! We offer monitoring on contract plans or no contract plans where you can cancel anytime . You decide which option works best for you and you can always chnage plans later

Do you offer contract plans with low upfront costs?

You choose a price plan that works best for you. We offer contract plans and no contract plans. If you choose a contract plan you can get up to 80% off your upfront cost and will will have some additional benefits like 3 years warranty on all equipment and full remote engineer support 24 hours a day

Do i need a sim card to put into my panels?

No, all our systems come with sim card / cellular backup as standard so if your broadband is down or power failure your system will still be able to communciate with you and the monitoring station so your home is alway protected

Can I choose cameras with smart 30 day recording on its own?

Yes. If you do not need a smart home security system you can purchase cameras as a standalone product. You can choose up to any 4 cameras on our standalone smart video recording plan with 3000 clips of 30-day cloud storage for €6.99 per month.

Do I Get Smart Home Control with all plans?

Yes, all plans come with the full benefits of our smart home app. You can add smart lights, smart heating, smart locks, sound control and more. All is standard with all plans with unlimited users at no extra cost

Do you provide Garda and Fire response?

Yes our professional monitoring home alarm plans all come standard with Garda and fire emergency response in the event of something happening in your home

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