How Burglars Target Homes

How Burglars Target Homes 20 Mar 2019

How Burglars Target Homes

In Ireland, an average of 1 in 100 homes were burglarized in Q2 of 2018 based on (CSO, 2018) and (Census, 2016). But at this point, we all know that burglars don’t just target any home. Rather, they look for a home under certain circumstances.

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Professionals burglars, who sell what they steal tend to have another person with them if not more. That’s not to say that they don’t sometimes go at it alone. They look at a target area closely before committing the crime. When targeting a home, burglarers look for money and jewelry. They are the easiest things to carry and sell.

Amateur burglars look for the same things but they are more likely to break into a home immediately after finding.


Understanding how they work will help you better protect your home. You have different types of burglarers but what they look for when choosing a home or business is pretty similar.

What do they look for;

  • Lights are off
  • Noone is home
  • Back garden
  • Open windows
  • No security system
  • Expensive cars
  • High walls


Effective ways to deter criminals

CCTV cameras are a great way to make burglars hesitate and a wireless security system is even better. With a wireless system, the burglar knows that you can remotely access and alert authorities immediately. And even if that doesn’t stop them, our system continues to work when the power goes out, and even if they try to smash your security hub.


Leaving lights on can sometimes work but many know that it is just a decoy. However, with our smart lighting, you can schedule lights to come on at specific times or when motion is detected to give the illusion someone is home.


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Having a modern or heavy duty door means it’s hard to break through. Older wooden doors with old fashioned locks are easier to break into than PVC. It could be the deciding factor on whether or not your home is burglarized. Hiding keys under doormats and plant pots should never be an option. A simple way to get around this is with our smart door locks. It allows you to give family, friends access remotely from anywhere. If you pair it with the Keypad you can give each person a unique access code and have it expire when it’s used.

Many burglars first ring your doorbell to check if anyone is home. Our video doorbell camera is a great way of knowing who comes to your front door. You get instant notifications when motion is detected and another when/if someone pushes the button. When that happens your doorbell also records a video clip. You can answer your front door with two-way-talk while your at work, on holiday or out shopping. But even if a burglar doesn’t push the doorbell, you’ll know someone was there.

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With the GoKonnect Smart Home Security System, you can stay connected to your home when you’re not. You can add-on devices in the future if you feel like you need more security or if you want more smart home features. You can respond instantly if anything happens and alert the authorities if necessary. We give you complete control over your home.

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