4 Signs your home is an easy target for Burglary

4 Signs your home is an easy target for Burglary 20 Dec 2018

4 Signs your home is an easy target for Burglary

With numbers on the increase of home burglaries in Ireland, it is possible that you or someone you know has to be the victim of Theft. As one of our “now” customers told us before he got his Gokonnect Smart Home Security system in place, he had his home broken into 4 times in one week. But the question remains why are some homes targeted more than others. Before breaking into a home, there are certain things in a home for which a burglar will look.

What are the signs that breaking into your home is too easy?

1: There is not enough light around your home or maybe “Too Much!!”

Theft’s are always on the lookout for an easy target and having little lighting or no lighting around your home will make it easier for a burglar to get in and out of your home without being visible. This is should also be a concern for homeowners even if you are there. Lack of lighting makes it simpler for burglars to go unnoticed.

However, one thing most homeowners don’t consider is the too much lighting around your home can also be a sign to Home Thefts that your not there. If your away on holidays and think leaving lights on is a good deterrent, think again!! No one leaves there lights on in there home all night and a smart burglar will know this and it is a sure sign your not there.

2: “Sure the back door is always open”

You don’t have to be in the rolling hills of Monaghan to find the old ways of Irish life when the door was always open for the neighbors to call in for the tea. Surprising enough a lot of people still leave their doors open day and night around Ireland. One thing for sure is Home burglars don’t like to make much noise and the fast in fast out approach is usually applied.

3: Your an active social media user

65% of people in Ireland have a facebook account with 69% of them activity updating their status on a daily basis. We all know that person who checks in everywhere they go and to the savvy burglar, this is just the information they need to know your home is empty.

4: Your Home is missing a Home Security System

As we say to our customer’s burglars generally don’t come with ladders, meaning they are looking for an easy opportunity to gain access to your home. If you have a Smart Home Security system like the System installed by GoKonnect with real-time notifications alarms, automatic smart locks, smart motion detection cameras, and smart lighting control this makes it far from easy for an intruder to get in.

GoKonnect Smart Home Security brings technology together to make it so difficult for a burglar to enter for your unnoticed, it will be easier for them to walk away. Smart Home Security from GoKonnect brings allows you to see what is happening within your home from anywhere in the world and with the added benefits of smart locks, lights and schedules you will never forget to arm your home or lock your home again.

Some Smart Tips to Help protect your home

Alongside a Smart Home Security system, there is always plenty of ways to protect your home and loved ones. Try some of these Smart Home Security Tips:

  • Use smart lights to turn on and off your lights at a random time every day, this will confuse and potential burglar’s who might be keeping an eye on your home.
  • With Smart Home Security from GoKonnect, you can set automatic rules where you doors can lock automatically after you arm your home so you never leave a door unlocked again.
  • Ask someone to call and collect your post if you are away on a long break. Burglars who can see a stack of the post inside your door will know you are not home.
  • “I checked in at Dublin airport feeling happy!” Yes, save the social media posts till you get back, keeping a close eye on your social media will alert potential thefts that your not home.
  • Install the Smart Home Security system out there like the GoKonnect Smart Home Security system which will allow you to know in real-time what is happening within your home no matter where you are in the world.

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