4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill 22 Feb 2019

4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

The average family in Ireland spends more than €800 each year on Electricity, while gas would be more than €600 (switcher, 2019).

For most families, the electric bill which covers lights, water and appliances make up more than half of your monthly utility costs. Many of us are looking to for effective ways to cut down on energy costs, and finding ways to save our electricity spend is a great place to start.

Lower your electric usage and save money

The first thing you could do is look to an alternative provider for cheaper deals. That would be the most logical thing to do. And if you find that you’ve gotten a better deal but want to save even more, than using some of these Smart Home Devices may help;

1. Smart Thermostat to reduce your heating costs

In winter months, electricity rates can increase because of the colder weather. More people use energy, therefore companies try to make more money. Gas rates can do the same.

Our smart thermostat adjusts the temperature automatically when a door or window is open. This means that when you are at home, our Smart Thermostat only heats the areas that you need. So if there is only people in the living room, it will focus on that area. This clever device can save you up to 11.5% each year.


2. Smart Lighting management

Smart Blubs is a simple and easy way to cut down on your electricity bill. It may not be as significant as your heating, but it all adds up.

First thing is to replace all your bulbs with energy-saving bulbs. They are 85% more energy efficient but are also much more reliable than that of the incandescent equivalent.

Smart Lighting is another way to control your usage. It’s very easy to leave the lights on when you’re in the rush. Our smart lighting lets you control your lights from anywhere in the world; turn them on or off while on the go or even schedule them to turn on in the evening.


3. Use natural elements

Using your blind and curtains during the cold months can keep the heat in your home. And by opening your windows and doors during the summer months you can cool your home without spending a cent.


4. Automate your home

All of this can be automated so you don’t even have to think about it. Because your entire home is connected it will heat different areas at different times when it needs to, so you’re not spending money on heating that you don’t need. Cutting costs doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the important things. Installing a GoKonnect Smart Home Security System can help you save money and simplify your daily life.



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