Illuminate your home with a Smart Bulb.

Illuminate your home with a Smart Bulb. 16 Jul 2018

Illuminate your home with a Smart Bulb.

With GoKonnect using Smart Bulbs and pairing them with our system, gives you total control over your light with the smart home app.

Brighten any Room with any colour Simulate sunlight on a dull or cloudy day with the option of 16 million colours. Create ambient light for your whole home to suit the mood or time of year. Or change the tone of your lights to reduce eye strain.

Set a Schedule Set a schedule for your lights to turn on/off in the evenings or when you’re on holidays to replicate someone being present at home when you are not.

Money Saving These bulbs help you save money as they use 84% less energy and have a life cycle of 25,000 hours. At 6 hours a day, that 10 years.

Z-Wave Our LED Smart Bulbs work on Z-wave which means that you don’t need a Smart Plug for your lamp, in order for these to function. You place them in your light socket like any other blub. These can be paired with our system and can be controlled by our Smart Phone app.

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