Your Business Can Be just as Smart as Your Home

Your Business Can Be just as Smart as Your Home 27 Apr 2018

Wouldn't it be great if you could have similar benefits for your business?

With GoKonnect for Business — our new smarter business security solution, you can do just that. In fact, some business owners have it already. We can offer you a lot more than the standard alarm system. Not only will you keep your business secure, you will gain new awareness and have instant visibility into key operational activities. Not only does it help with keeping your business secure, it will assist in managing your energy costs. We can give you commercial reports, so you can track business insights, footfall, hotspots or busy spots and customer traffic along with the following; Inactivity Alerts Open/Close Event Notifications Remote Arming/Disarming Sensor Activity Monitoring for 50 sensors Unexpected Activity Alerts User Code Management
Image - Alarms ( 3 images directly to your phone if there is any movement/distortion picked up by the sensor ) 6 Hour Supervision


The technology that has transformed how we interact with our homes is now available for businesses. If you’re interested in GoKonnect for your business, talk to our sales team on 0429333365 or email

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