Who needs a smart home in 2020?

Who needs a smart home in 2020? 11 Mar 2020

Who needs a smart home in 2020?

Smart devices are everywhere. They are more that now than they were for the past 10 years. So why is it that having a smart home is not a common aspect of owning a home.

How can a regular home become a smart home?

A smart home is needed in 2020 as people get busier, trying to juggle life at work and home. Sometimes we forget things when we’re running around trying to get everything done. Having something that can take a load off your shoulders can feel great.

So after a long day, you return home to a cold house—Or you notice that you left a window open when you left this morning. You may have even left the back door unlocked after you emptied the bins.


There seem to be no limitations for a smart home, and home automation is undoubtedly the next most significant wave to hit Irish homes. It is a system that controls all vital functions of your home such as lighting, heating, smart door locks, cameras and security.

A smart home will connect all controlled devices to a smart hub, which can be accessed through mobile phones or laptops. A smart home will not only bring you comfort and ease but is the only way you can give you peace of mind whatever the occasion.

See what control you get from our Smart Home here.

Who needs home automation?

There isn’t always someone to look after your home when you leave during the week. With busy lives, we can’t be everywhere all the time. So having your home safe and secure reduces the burden on you, because in the event of any emergency you could be the last one to know.

Having a smart home isn’t expensive. With us, you can get the important (smart security) stuff now and the rest (lighting, heating etc) later.

For the older people in our lives, the people that need extra care, a smart home is the perfect solution. Our grandparents don’t always want to be put into a care home. They’d rather continue living at home with their comforts.

But what does that look like, when we can’t be there to look after them? Do we get a carer? If so, they cant be their 24/7. What do we do now?

Our smart home can take care of that too. Our smart home learns your daily patterns, like the time you wake up. For older people, it can help us know if our loved ones are getting enough sleep, eating regularly or even leaving doors and windows open. With ‘wellness’, we give you an alternative to a healthcare facility.

What can our smart home do?
  • Automated lighting
  • Intruder protection
  • Saves on lighting and heating
  • Instant arming reminders
  • Enhancing Home security
  • Smart door locks
  • Improved pets and baby care
  • Internal & external cameras
  • Back-up battery & sim-card
  • Air temperature and quality control
  • Fire and CO detections

A smart home can play a pivotal role in maintaining a clean and safe home. A smart home can incorporate all many of the smart devices such as smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart door locks and security.


This is the kind of technology that can be used by everyone. A smart home is an answer to all your security concerns and gives you control over your entire home, form security, to lighting, to appliance control.

Want to find out more, give one of our Smart Home Team a call on 042 933 3365.

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