What you get, What will it cost, and How do I buy?

What you get, What will it cost, and How do I buy? 23 Jan 2020

What you get, What will it cost, and How do I buy?

You have bought a new home or you are building your dream home and you are considering a GoKonnect Smart Home System, You have met us at a trade show, saw us online or even talked to one of our smart home team. You are most likely shopping around for an alarm system for your home. We understand that the Irish home security market is confusing with lots of Traditional monitored alarm or self-monitored alarm companies. We get it, you want to get the best home security system for your home and your family.

If you are still on the fence when it comes to a GoKonnect Smart Home system, that’s ok. We are here to help, so let us guide you through some typical questions we get asked day-to-day. If you want a GoKonnect Smart Home System but still have some questions? We have the answers below.

What is a smart home?

Think about it, you leave for work in the morning and ask yourself did I lock the front door? What if I could take out my phone and lock it from anywhere in the world? What if you are away for the weekend and want to know if there is any break-ins or unusual activity at your home in real-time? or imagine you could talk to a visitor at your front door with a doorbell camera, check in on your pets and talk to them with an indoor camera or get notified if someone walks into your drive with AI motion detection Outdoor cameras? With a GoKonnect smart home, We make these things possible and much more!

In a nutshell, a smart home is where your door locks, motion detectors, cameras, lights, Heating, Security and more get connected on one platform with central control, Assess via one App, and A.I. Features that work together to give you full control over your new home from anywhere in the world. The Good thing is? We make it all work together so no matter what you are doing throughout the day you are always connected to your new home.

Keep connected to your home from anywhere in the world with a GoKonnect Smart Home.

Do I need a smart home?

Of course, we will say yes, and the main reason, is we give you more control, convenience, and peace of mind when it comes to your home. Using the GoKonnect Smart Home App, You are connected to your home no matter where you are giving you control such as;

  • Live activity feed of what’s happening in your home all the time
  • Remote Arm and Disarm of your smart home security system
  • Control your heating with a smart heating control.
  • Have a two-way chat with someone at your front door.
  • Get real-time alerts of who is coming and going.
  • Real-time smart notifications on any activity in your home
  • Control your lights with smart lighting control
  • Unlock the door and let the kids in when they get home from school
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 monitoring (if you choose Professional monitoring) and 24x7 Tech support from our team.

Who is GoKonnect Smart Home?

GoKonnect Smart Home is Ireland’s leading smart home provider. We are changing the smart home security industry by giving our customers one platform to connect your entire home. We use the latest in wireless technology. It allows us to cleanly fit your smart home security with no mess, and the perfect placement. And most importantly, it’s affordable. Our Smart Home Professionals have installed smart home systems in every county in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and our partnership with American largest smart home software company means the technology we install in your home is currently in over 8 million homes.

We only provide the best in Smart Home.

What does GoKonnect Smart Home do?

We are one company, One app, connecting your entire home. GoKonnect brings together innovative products and services to provide the best smart home experience on the market. Our starting point is with award-winning Smart home security, which includes smart door window contacts, Smart Motion sensor, Indoor Cameras with two-way talk and Outdoor smart A.I motion detection & video doorbell cameras while you also get to choose between professional 24/7 monitoring or self-monitoring plans.

We give you a modular system so then you can add on all the smart home features to create a fully connected smart home. We do it all, home security, smart home installation, 24x7 customer support, professional monitoring one call and it’s all there.

Why GoKonnect?

A Full smart home platform from GoKonnect takes the stress out of your day so you can do more and worry less. We make life so much easier. Our Smart home professionals install your system with precision so you can forget about weeks of DIY Set-up and have peace of mind knowing when we are finished your system is working perfectly.

And as we are a smart home company and a smart home security company we offer you professional police and fire response when connected to our monitoring station, but unlike the traditional companies out there we give our customers the chose to go self-monitoring, It’s your home you decide.


With GoKonnect, you can rest easy thanks to professional installation and support from our team 24x7.

What products does GoKonnect Smart Home offer?

GoKonnect offers a suite of more than 40 smart home automation and Smart Home security products including;

  • Smart Motion detectors, Smart Door Window Contacts
  • Smart smoke and CO detectors
  • Outdoor HD & Indoor HD Two-way talk camera
  • HD Video Doorbell camera
  • Smart Lighting Control
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart locks
  • Smart Audio Integration with Sonos speakers
  • Amazon Alexa and google home control

We can customize your new smart home system to your new home and needs. Give us a call at 0429333365 to speak to a Smart Home Team and learn more about our product offering and how easy it is to customize a smart home security system.

Why do I need a system where everything works together?

All of our products work together on a single platform to connect you with your entire home. When on the go this gives you control over your entire smart system using the GoKonnect app on your mobile device, apple watch or tablet.

Even if you are on your way home from work our smart home app brings you added peace of mind with smart notifications and alerts to what is happening in your home. We provide you with a system that ties together smart home security and smart home automation that saves you time on repetitive tasks, giving you more time for the important things.

While the smart home market has certain aspects of DIY Solutions, problems homeowners face is that the set-up is complicated, no professional tech support if you can’t get it working correctly, plus you will have to use a series of apps on your home, to control various aspects of your smart home. The GoKonnect Smart Home options are, we provide one platform, it all works together and we install taking the pain out of DIY Setup.

How to buy from us.

What is the First step?

Call our Smart Home Team on 0429333365, We design each system with you for your home and your budget. We can build base packages over the phone with you and give you a tailored Smart Home Security System based on your needs. Then one of our smart home team will schedule an install date with you and our team will arrive to install. Simple as that. If you want a full smart home experience we can arrange a home consultation visit, where our team will walk through your home and build the system with you.

How do our smart home team build your customized quote?

When you speak to one of our team they will discuss the many options we have for you, we will listen to your needs, and concerns as this will be a system designed just for you. They will ask questions regarding windows and doors, smart home control, heating control or cameras. Our smart home team will then build the quote on the information you provide.

With all the information provided, we will give you multiple options to buy, these will include professional monitoring, self-monitoring or “buy now pay later” finance plan.

Is it necessary to call?

By speaking to our team it is the easiest and quickest way to customize a smart home system for your needs. We have many options available so when it comes to home security we do much more, there is “no one size fits all”. By speaking to our smart home team, you’ll be confident that we are the best solution for your home.

Call in today to get a customized quote for your new smart home.

How much does a GoKonnect Smart home security system cost?

The market is saturated with alarm companies, and the word smart is loosely used. You will want a smart home security system which has an ecosystem that allows it to expand while staying within your budget. GoKonnect Smart Home gets this and has options for every budget.

What's the cost of a smart home?

The cost of a GoKonnect Smart Home varies depending on the system you want to build. It will be determined on the number of cameras, the smart home control or the additional smart security products you want.


Is a smart home within my budget?

The answer is Yes. Our team will quote you for free over the phone, and we can design packages and plans to suit any budget. Plus we provide a buy now pay later finance option.

What's next?

When buying a smart home security system, you want the best smart home security and smart home automation system, and there is no better option than GoKonnect.

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