What type of home security do you need?

What type of home security do you need? 1 Jul 2020

What type of home security do you need?

The right home security is one that you have control over, from building to your needs to installation in your home.

Everyone wants to feel safe at home knowing that their home security works and will trigger an alarm if someone breaks-in. With our home security, you could have two next door neighbours, with two completely different systems. Why? Because their needs were different. They wanted to build their own home security system, with features they wanted. And the best thing is, if they feel like they need more home security features, they can just add on. It means that you have more options no matter what type of home you have, you’ll have the option to choose from motion sensors, smoke & fire protection, door/window sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, smart door locks, video doorbell and much more.

So get what you need right now. GoKonnect lets you choose the devices you want to create the perfect smart home security for your home.

Build to your needs

Home burglary can happen anywhere, but if you live in a low-crime area, you might be less interested in covering all the windows and doors. The doorbell camera will help you keep an eye out for lurkers outside your front door, and might be the only camera you need. You can use the two-way talk feature to hear and speak to visitors and watch out for any uninvited guests.

Depending on where you are located, and indoor or outdoor cameras can provide you with additional home security. If you have a small back garden or you have a path outside your back gate, you might want to keep an eye on people walking past. We also as the option of a Call-Out Cam that has a 180-degree angle for watching the pets, kids or even older parents when you’re not at home.

Home security both inside and out

Your home is somewhere you want to feel safe, regardless of what’s inside. But if you want to keep both the inside and outside your home secure, you might consider installing door/window sensors in addition to the doorbell camera and back garden camera.

With additional devices such as acoustic sensors and fire & smoke detectors, can improve your home security. An acoustic sensor will alert you when a window is broken. Fire & smoke Detectors alert you instantly no matter where you are when there is smoke detected.

Take your home with you

If you’re often away from home, whether you commute to work, travel a lot or spend long hours at the office, you can still be in control of your home. You can add smart home features to your home such as, smart thermostat, smart lighting and smart door locks that give you the capability to automate your home from anywhere in the world.

With your home security, you still see all the activity inside and outside your home in your activity feed, you can live view your cameras remotely and record clips on-demand. But now with the smart home devices on your home, you can create automation throughout your home. Schedule lights to turn on in the evening or when you leave work, with geo-location, turn on your home heating from work, so that you come home to a cosy house. With smart locks, you can even unlock the front door for visitors through the doorbell, when you’re not there.

We even have protection against potential floods with our flood sensor. Just place it in an area that might flood with heavy rain, or near a pipe or washing machine. If any of these detect moisture, you get alerted instantly.

Whatever system you build for your home, you also need to consider professional monitoring for your home security system. We give you the option of both monitoring and self-monitoring to suit your needs.

To find out more, contact our Smart Home Team on 042 933 3365

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