What Makes Smart Home Security Smart

10 Feb 2022

The Future of Home Security is Smart.

We all know the feeling when you leave home in the mornings and ask yourself: “Did I set the alarm?”

Or how when you get a call from your next-door neighbours saying your alarm is going off, panic immediately sets in, as you realise you don’t know what’s happening within your home.

Traditional home security systems act only as a reactive system - however, there is a better way. It’s time to take Home Security into the future with Smart Home Security, which protects your home whether the system is armed or not.

Over the last number of years Smart Home Security has developed to provide a proactive system, instead of a reactive system. It works for you in your home 24/7, giving you peace of mind that you will be the first to know if an emergency has occurred. Here are 4 things that Smart Home Security does better.

1: Works for You

Smart Home Security is a proactive home security system. While it protects you in emergency situations, our Smart Home Security System alerts you to lots of events, both big and small. The GoKonnect Smart Home Security System uses the latest in Smart Home technology to alert you if a door opens in the middle of the night, for example, if your little ones go wandering in the dark. Or if a fire alarm has been triggered, our system can turn on the lights and unlock the doors, so you can make a fast and safe exit. With real-time notifications to your smartphone, you are connected to your home at all times.

2: Peace of Mind

Our Smart Home Security travels with you. No matter where you are in the world, you can check into your home at any time. Our Smart Home Security System also goes one step further, allowing you to have full control of your home from anywhere.

If an event has occurred you will get real-time notifications alerting you. If the front door was opened, if one of your kids unlocked the front door and unarmed the system, or if your Smart Security Camera recorded a video clip, it will be sent to you to keep you informed. The GoKonnect Smart Home Security System gives you peace of mind all times - something traditional home security just cannot do.

3: Advanced Technology

Our Smart Home Security System is designed to be connected to you, no matter what happens. With the Patent Crash & Smash technology, our system works even if the power is cut. A back-up battery will keep your system up and running, protecting you no matter what.

If the broadband lines are cut, the GoKonnect Smart Home Security System has a dedicated cellular connection, which will keep you connected to us and your home. But most importantly if an intruder breaks into your home and tries to disable the Smart Home Security Hub, our systems will trigger a response and you will receive a notification instantly. Our monitoring station will also be alerted if you are connected to our 24/7 Professional Monitoring service.

4: It's Easy

Smart Security is a professional-grade Home Security, but even still our systems are not complicated to use. While we offer more protection than traditional home security systems, we also make it user-friendly.

Arm & Disarm your home with the touch of a button, from anywhere in the world. Easy-to-share images captured via your Image Sensor at home can be sent to authorities if needed. Real-time push notifications, with fully adjustable alerts, let you set up your Smart Home Security for what fits you and your loved ones. With our team of Smart Home experts, we give our customers our time to ensure you are comfortable using your new Smart Home Security System from day one.


Interested in changing how you are connected with your home? Contact us today and let our Smart Home professionals help you choose the best options for your home.

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