Video Doorbell Cameras, are they effective?

Video Doorbell Cameras, are they effective? 7 Jun 2019

Video Doorbell Cameras, are they effective?

Video doorbell cameras are similar to CCTV cameras but it has much more functionality. It’s a simple way to cover the front of your home but in some ways is better than a camera at your porch. Our video doorbell camera gives you motion detection alerts, HD clip recording on motion and button press, two-way talk and live view.

It allows you to answer your front door anywhere in the world. It’s a fun way to greet visitors, accept delivers and see who comes and goes.

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Most customers looking for camera security look for traditional cameras that place up high around the house. But a doorbell camera also gives you the option off a camera at eye level outside your home.

Security cameras are an effective way to deter crime, albeit not 100% effective. But what about doorbell cameras?

Do they reduce crime?

Because its a new form of security, it’s hard to know if doorbell cameras have an effect on crime. We do know that they are a great way to capture suspicious activity. Cameras and video doorbells are similar in functionality and we know the impact that cameras have in deterring crime. If someone is approaching your home during the day or at night, the camera is tough to miss, yet you do have options to turn off the LED lights on the doorbell.

Get the most out of your security

If you’re looking to get the most out of your money, the thing for you is to get the GoKonnect Video Doorbell Camera with a Smart Home Security System. With the full package, you can completely secure your home.

Get smart locks, motion and image sensors, CCTV cameras, smart carbon and smoke detectors, smart lighting and heating control and much more. Control it all from one app from anywhere in the world with instant notifications, equipped with sim-card and battery backup, with monitoring and self-monitoring options.

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Get complete Smart Home Security and Control with a GoKonnect Smart Home Security System. We offer complete technical support to all our customers, professional install and a modular system that is custom built to your needs.

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