Teaching your Kids to Answer the Front Door Safely.

Teaching your Kids to Answer the Front Door Safely. 24 Apr 2019

Teaching your Kids to Answer the Front Door Safely.

Kids are great, but they like noises and running around the house. They’re quicker than most of us when getting up to go somewhere, so when the doorbell rings, they’re always the first there. It’s important that they don’t answer the door alone or at the very least know how to answer the door, safely. Kids should be entrusted and encouraged to do things around the house and to engage with the outside world, to help them develop. But in the event of leaving the kids at home, provided they are old enough, you can help them understand how to safely answer the front door.


Below are some tips for both adults and children on how to safely answer your front door.

Look outside a widow, peephole or video doorbell.

It’s not the best choice to run to the door and open it. It is important to note that looking through a window or peephole, or video doorbell camera are the best ways to find out whos at your front door first before opening.

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If it is an unfamiliar face or if your child feels unsafe, let them know that they can ask for help. If you have a video doorbell and you’re not at home, you can view your front porch first and tell them what to do.

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Ask who it is.

If you or your child can see who it is, ask who is there. If you have a video doorbell you can look through that on your phone from anywhere. This way you can see who is at your front door from anywhere in the world. You can also talk to that unknown person with two-way talk.

And if after all that they still don’t know, or feel unsafe, then they don’t open the door.


Don’t leave the door open.

It’s important that if the person at the door asks for a parent or someone other than you, that you don’t leave the door open when you go looking for them. Explain to your kids that they should tell the person to close and lock the front door before they come and get you.


You’re never home alone.

If there is no one home, tell your kids that if they have to answer the door, that they should say they’re getting an adult; then close and lock the door and call for help. If you have a video doorbell, cameras or a panic alarm, your child can get emergency services by sounding the alarm. Of course with our system and the previously mentioned cameras, you will also be alerted, no matter where you are.

One of the simplest rules is to not open the door at all. Reassure your children that they are under no pressure to open the front door and that they shouldn’t if they have any doubt.


A GoKonnect Smart Home Security System will give you complete control, complete security and peace of mind over your home. You will always know who is at your front door with the video doorbell camera, always know what happens with real-time alerts, motion and object detection and much more.

Do not hesitate to give us a call to find out more. You don’t know what you’re missing!

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