Take your Smart Home with you when you Travel

Take your Smart Home with you when you Travel 6 Jul 2018

These months can be a busy time of year with long work hours, summer holidays and the kids being finished with school. With your home being powered by our Smart Security system, the smart home automation functionality gives you complete control over your Door Locks, Heating, Lighting, and Doorbell.


When you’re at work, shopping, or out and about geo-location lets you know if you’ve left your home unlocked and/or disarmed. With a minimum 1.5 km radius, our Smart App sends you an alert to your Smart device with the option to arm your home while on the move.

Live Video

If you’re running late and the kids are already home, take a peek with our live video feature and make sure everything is okay. All of our cameras have motion detection with gives you real-time alerts of anyone who triggers the sensor.

Sky Doorbell camera

With our doorbell camera, you can see who is at your front door from anywhere in the world. Whether its a Tesco delivery or a courier, the sky doorbell camera instantly lets you know. Let him/her inside the house and speak them through the camera.

Smart Locks

Smart locks allow you to assign unique user codes that identify the person who is opening the front door. Paired with the doorbell camera, you can open your front door remotely for a delivery driver, technician or neighbor.

Nest Thermostat

Our smartphone app allows you to control your heating away from home. You can also set “scenes” for your thermostat that automatically changes the temperature of your home whenever you like.

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