Smart Things You Can Do with GoKonnects Video Doorbell

Smart Things You Can Do with GoKonnects Video Doorbell 18 Apr 2018

Not only is it a doorbell, it’s a video camera and a two-way communications device all rolled into one. And it works even better when it’s installed as part of our smart home security system. Here are five really useful things you can do with our Smart Doorbell

1: Answer the door even when you’re not at home

When a visitor calls to your door, it will chime just like an ordinary doorbell but you will also get an alert straight to your smartphone app. Tap the alert to see a live video stream of your visitor. They can’t see you but you can see them, and you can have a full blown conversation through the doorbell’s integrated speaker and microphone.

These features apply whether you’re at home or away, enabling you to answer your door from the couch, from bed, the cinema, supermarket or even from your desk at work.

2: Ensuring all deliveries make it to you

Have you ever experienced the anxiety of waiting for something you’ve ordered to be delivered, only for it to end up being left on your porch or at another house when you’re not there? With a video doorbell installed as part of your smart home security system, you won’t need to worry about this any longer.

When the delivery driver rings the bell, you can ask them to leave the package inside your front door, you can proceed to unlock the door with the smart lock icon that appears on the video call. When they step outside again and close the door, you can lock up your home instantly.

3: Catch a suspicious caller in the act

As part of a smart home security system, your interactive doorbell will work just like a full security camera, capturing motion-triggered clips, alerting you, and storing your clips in the cloud for viewing at a later stage.

The Doorbell is also a great way to keep an eye on activity around the front of your house, your driveway and porch are the busiest outdoor areas on your property. At night, the camera can even trigger your porch light to come on when there’s motion, giving you a well-lit video clip.

Should your camera catch anything suspicious, you’ll find it easy to download the clip and share it with your local Garda station.

4: Keep up with the kids

Undoubtedly, there is a lot motion on your porch that’s always welcome, and a video clip of it can be very reassuring. You can set up your video doorbell to send you a daily video alert when the kids arrive home from school. Not only are you secure in the fact that your they’re home and safe, you can also see exactly who they have with them.

Kids also get great fun out of using video doorbells as a one-way ‘FaceTime’ device, ringing the bell when you’re at work and saying hello or waving…

5: Nap-time

Finally, what about the one time you don’t want to hear from your kids? We’re talking about those all-important naptimes, the worst time imaginable for the doorbell to ring.

A GoKonnect video doorbell safeguards your hour of afternoon peace with ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode: a mode that switches the chime off, but still sends you a text alert when somebody comes to your door and rings the bell. Just open your app, see who’s there, then decide (quietly) whether to answer or not.

GoKonnect’s technology is delivered by a professional team, offering you an easy, affordable and professionally-supported way to upgrade your home with smart technology. Your smart home can include smart thermostats, locks, video cameras, lights, garage door openers, a video doorbell and much more, all connected and controlled through just one powerful app.

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