Smart Home - Will Smart Home Automation Change Modern Living?

Smart Home - Will Smart Home Automation Change Modern Living? 6 Feb 2020

Will Smart Home Automation Change the Modern Living Forever? - Smart Home

It’s a simple question, and so is the answer. There are, however, a number of factors that determine one’s opinion over this hot topic in the housing industry. A smart home isn’t just a secure home, just an automated home or managed by innovative tech devices – smart home managed from anywhere through a smartphone or a computer device. Life can only be imagined without laptops, computers or cellphones – not lived. And so, this concept of smart home automation is gaining quick popularity and recognition throughout the world.

People want to create a good life – and ‘ease’ is the biggest factor that makes one’s life really good. With a lot of emphasis on tech devices, developers have found their ways to integrate technology with smart home safety, security, comfort and ease. Anybody who wishes to make their smart home ‘smarter’ may choose where to start from, and there are a number of facilities available. This smart home automation guarantees better lighting, improved safety and security, adjustable home temperatures and a response system that would attend doors.

Monitoring via Cameras

When one thinks of a smart home, cameras are the first things that would strike the mind. There is no concept of safety and security without CCTV cameras. People want to get these cameras installed on their doors for safety from human hazards (prevention from burglars, vandals or trespassers/intruders), to take care of their pets while they are away at work or maybe for lunching-out. Also, indoor cameras are very popular as they record all visual details and parents with their home offices have installed these devices as an aid to modern parenting. While we have quoted a few, people may have hundreds of reasons why they would install these security cameras. So, it has become an easier responsibility to protect ourselves and our beloved.



YES! That’s what you just read. In a smart home, the temperature is controlled using thermostats connected to internet devices via which one could increase/decrease, or better say, heat or air-condition the home. It’s most suitable for parents or individuals who have 3-4 pets since these thermostats provide the right temperature. So, after themselves, parents can trust their smart home automation systems for taking care of their children!



It’s so easy to have fun and control fun in a smart home. One can remotely monitor the entertainment devices at home, once they connect to the internet. Speakers, home gaming studios, any other audio or video devices are directly controlled by the smart devices and then, every home has a streaming device of course – which are all managed by automated tech stuff. Who would not get intimidated with the idea of adopting smart home automation now when all our entertainment devices are just clicks and touches away?


Yahoo, we had never thought of it – at least I hadn’t when I was a kid of three years. This is arguably one of the best luxuries provided in a smart home. Who wouldn’t love the idea of switching on and off the smart lights from anywhere? This not only aids you in managing your resources – but, also helps you control your electricity bills. Going out? Switch off the lights. About to be home? Just switch them once you are headed to your ‘smart’ home. Not only this – once you connect your smart lights to your smart doorbells – any activity sensed at the door will automatically switch all the set lights on.



Indeed, the biggest fruit of smart home automation comes as the improved security of homes. These smart home security sensors prevent the breaking-in of robbers or trespassers, while also giving us the liberty to arm and disarm our local security devices, whenever and wherever we want! With micro-cameras attached on stealth mode, these arming systems may also record who manually tried arming or disarming our devices. It is indeed a blessing to get notified about all the happenings at our homes the way we get our instant messages. Whether you’re at home, work, or chilling out with friends and family – this smart security system facilitates you by keeping an eye around in your absence.


The final thoughts…

By now, we have conveniently counted a few specific factors that will compel people to use home automation systems for ages. With improved security, monitoring, complete control and comfort, this smart home automation also guarantees peace of mind and a hassle-free and clutter-free time when you are, or you aren’t home. With economical prices and further advancement and prevalence of IoT – Internet of Things, we can expect hundreds of more revolutionary devices that would work in collaboration with the existing internet devices, becoming a source of not only ease and comfort – but style, luxury and standard.

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