Smart Home Security with full smart home control in Ireland

23 Aug 2021

Smart Home Security Ireland now with full smart home automation & CCTV Cameras all in one App

When it comes to choosing a smart home security solution for your home, it's important to know that you can fully integrate your entire home into one platform. In this smart home blog, we will discuss some of the great benefits of connecting all smart home automation devices and smart home CCTV cameras all into one platform

Smart Home security CCTV cameras give you real-time information on what is happening, not only outside your home but indoors also. Smart CCTV Cameras provide much more than a security threat, they provide you with important lifestyle information like when kids get home from school if the pets are up on the couch when you're away If your parents are safe and well when you're now there and if someone steals your packages from your front door. Getting GoKonnect Smart CCTV’s will make you think why did you not get them before now. When choosing smart home security CCTV cameras for your home, it's important to choose a reliable company that can support you no matter what, and also look at weighing up the pros and cons correctly. 

Top 5 Benefits Smart HD CCTV Cameras 

There are massive pros to having CCTV cameras at your home. Here are the top 5 benefits of CCTV cameras for your home:

1. Stop Thieves in their tracks.

Home security CCTV cameras are one of the most effective tools when it comes to deterring unwanted guests at your property. It gives you a real-time live view of your property, our smart HD doorbell camera will send you a real-time notification when someone walks towards your front door. If it's an unwanted guest, use our two-way talk to let them know you have them in plain sight. 

2. Report a crime with live video footage.

When reporting a break-in at your property, the gardai will investigate, if you can provide live footage of the event, it will increase the chances of capturing the culprits and prevent it from happening again 

3. Keep an eye on the Kids.

It's common for the kids to get home from school before they finish work. With the GoKonnect home CCTV cameras, our smart AI motion detection will send you a real-time notification and with 2-way talk, you can talk to them in real-time when they get home with our two-way talk indoor cameras. Home. Kids can get up to all sorted when you are inside, you can easily check in on your smartphone app with our HD outdoor CCTV cameras

4. Make sure your parents are fine

Everyone is living longer these days. If you have elderly parents living on their own or living with you and you are concerned when you are away,  It's easy to check in on your smartphone app, have a two-way chat with our built-in talk feature, and see with a live view if everything is ok. If you are worried if they forget to turn off the oven, you can put a camera in the kitchen and check-in making sure all is good, smart home security allows you to protect your loved ones no matter what age they are. 

5. See if the pets are up to no good.

Home security CCTV cameras for pets are a great feature, with a GoKonnect indoor wifi camera you can check in to see if they are on the couch, working their way through your bin, or trying to escape out the door. If you have GoKonnect CCTV outdoor camera you can make set up tripwires to know if they had for the neighbor's garden and keep an eye on them in real-time. 

Are there any cons with smart home CCTV cameras?

Privacy is one of the main concerns for many people when installing smart home security CCTV cameras in your home. Homeowners have concerns about unwanted eyes looking at their cameras. For this reason, it is vital your cameras are provided by a trustworthy company.  A great example is GoKonnect has a ZERO history for anyone hacking the system. GoKonnect has put in place some of the highest-quality security protocols within the industry, which has 256-bit AES encryption. Some of these protocols are used by high-level banks and also the military to ensure hacking does not happen. There are only some of the measures GoKonnect has put in place to protect privacy for our customers.

GoKonnect Smart Home Security CCTV Cameras are easy to install which are packed with smart technology and AI motion detection features. The GoKonnect Smart Home Cameras can tell the difference between a person, animal, or vehicle entering your driveway, Take a look at some of our smart CCTV camera range

Did you know that you can do much more than smart home security? 

While we talked about smart cameras so far, it's important to know you can do much more than just protect your home. Now smart home automation is part of the GoKonnect system as standard. It allows you to expand your system giving you far more control than a transitional home security system. Smart Home Automation works with your home alarm, smart heating controls, cameras, smart locks, and more all in one app. Adding smart home automation allows you to automate your home. Check out 5 of the many automation features you can do with your smart home security system.

1.Automation alarm arming schedule

If you always forget to set the home alarm at night, look no further. Smart home security systems like GoKonnect work for you all the time allowing you to set reminders working around your daily routine. If bedtime is at 10:30 pm every night you can set your smart home security system to set the alarm in stay mode at 10:30 pm every night, automatically. In the morning if you get up at 6:30 am and forget to disarm the home before you open the door, you can have your home security system disarm automatically at that time. This is great when it comes to stopping false alarms. Our daily routines are busy enough, no need to add stress to it

2. Always come home to a warm home with smart home heating controls.

When the nights are dark and cold it's great to come home to a perfectly warm home every time. When choosing a smart home security system having smart heating control integrated into the system makes this possible. No waiting for the house to heat up or trying to open your smart home app on the way home. You can set a smart home automation schedule to have your heating come on at the time you leave work so you walk in the door to a cozy home

3. Automatically lock and unlock your door, even when you are not there with smart home door locks

Imagine you have construction happening at your home and you are not comfortable leaving keys out or having others with spares,  With the GoKonnect Smart Lock, you can set access codes that only allow temporary access between the time they are scheduled to be there when they leave the code expires so no need to worry about anyone knowing your access code. If the kids get home from school early you can simply unlock the doors with one touch of a button from your smart home security app, so you don't have to worry about them losing keys 

4. Have your smart lights turn on automatically even if you are away. 

We have all been there, Heading away on holidays and asking ourselves at the airport did we turn off the lights. With smart lighting controlled by GoKonnect Smart Home, you can have peace of mind knowing you can simply take out your smart home security app and turn off the lights you left on with one touch of a button. Why not set a smart home schedule to have different lights turn on at different times when you're away. We call this the “home alone effect” so if someone is watching your home when you are away, they will see your smart lights turning on and off at different times, a great way to make it look like somebody is home

5. Control your entire smart home with one touch of a button.

Now tie it all together with smart home security scenes. A great example of this is when you leave your home in the morning with one touch of a button you can arm your smart home security system, lock your doors, turn off the heating and turn off your lights, all working together with simple commands on your smart home app  

This is only a small part of the GoKonnect Smart Home control we give our customers. So when choosing a smart home security system make sure you have the power of a GoKonnect Smart Home check out of the system.


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