Smart Home Features you'll love when Traveling

Smart Home Features you'll love when Traveling 2 Oct 2018

It’s important that when you’re traveling, that you have everything you need; Passport, flight tickets, luggage etc. But what about the things you leave behind. The things that are too big to take with you. Your home is very important, and at risk when you’re not around. No matter how long you travel, your home doesn’t need to be an extra worry.

Here are just some of the cool features you will love when you get a GoKonnect Smart Home Security System…

Remote access & control

Take a look at your cameras, live, from anywhere in the world. Access saved images and clips to view what your devices are seeing. Control your lights, door locks, video doorbell camera & thermostat with the GoKonnect App. Schedule events to automate your home when you’re away.

See and speak to visitors on your doorstep

With our video doorbell camera, you can answer your front door from anywhere in the world. Use two way talk to speak and paired with the door lock, you can unlock your front door and let them in.

Secure your home with Smart Locks

When you use our door locks, you no longer need to worry about losing your keys. With the touch of a button, you can lock or unlock your doors. With Geo-location services, your GoKonnect system will let you know if you forgot to lock your home. You can arm your home remotely, regardless of whether you forgot or if you just want to see this cool feature in action.

Make your home look lived in with smart lighting

With our Z-Wave smart Bulbs, you can schedule your Smart Lights to turn on at sunset, sunrise or a specific time each day. You can also choose a colour for each light or have them all the same.

Real-time notification if anything is detected

When motion is detected or any sensor is triggered, you will receive notification to your phone to tell you what is happening. Depending on the notification you can access your cameras, arm your system or look through your video doorbell camera. You can also create different rules with one of them being; that is a motion sensor is triggered you can have a light turn on.

Peace of Mind with professional monitoring.

With 24/7 professional monitoring, we give you peace of mind when you’re not there. It’s like an extra set of eyes on your home to help you in an emergency. For example, You get an alert on your phone, but you’re not close enough to get back check things out in person. The monitoring station, with your permission, will send the appropriate emergency services out to your home.

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