Smart Home Automation. What do I need to do?

Smart Home Automation. What do I need to do? 1 May 2019

Smart Home Automation. What do I need to do?

GoKonnect Smart Home Automation controls your heating, lighting, smart door locks, appliances, motion sensors, door/window contacts, and CCTV cameras, both interior, and exterior. Devices connected to your system can be controlled and accessed over the internet using smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Getting started with Home Automation does not need to involve renovation. If you’re building a new home there are things you can do, to make automation more accessible. If you want to know more about building a new smart home, give us a call. Our Smart Home System can retrofit into any type of home/apartment.


Getting started.

Firstly - Give us a call and one of our team tell you more about what we can do and the best solution for your home. You also get a Free Consultation with one of your Smart Home Professionals.


Secondly - Get your smart home security system professionally installed in your home with a complete walkthrough of how everything works.


Lastly - Download the app to all of your smart devices and smart using your Smart Home Security system from anywhere in the world. Get real-time technical support for any issues or queries you may have. And if you want more features, just add-on devices at any time.

Our customers get all the benefits of a smart home with the functionality from one smartphone app. Our future proof system is continuously being updated with new features such as object detection and pet immune motion detection at no cost to you.


Smart Home Security with GoKonnect.

With our systems, you can customize to suit your home. In a standard package, you could have door/window contacts, Image motion sensors, Smoke & CO detectors. Then if you want, you can add-on CCTV cameras both indoor and outdoor, the video doorbell camera, smart lighting, smart door locks, and smart plugs. The best thing is that you’re not limited to the number you have, so you can add even more over time. All of our devices work together in the same ecosystem so if anything happens inside or outside your home, you’ll get instant alerts no matter where you are.

Customers can also create their own notifications tailoring it to what they want to see, live view cameras, set motion detection zones, change sensitivity, create automation rules that can turn on lights at a specific time of day, or when motion is detected. They also avail of our 24/7 real-time technical support and the option of monitoring or self-monitoring.


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