Simple steps to Prevent Car Theft.

Simple steps to Prevent Car Theft. 3 May 2019

Simple steps to Prevent Car Theft.

Most modern cars have a keyfob that unlocks your car. Some cars still use keys to start the engine, others use cards and some just need the frequency of the keyfob to be within range. These advancements make the transition from accessing your vehicle to moving off more streamline, shaving seconds and sometimes minutes off your journey.

The issue is that, if someone has the right hardware your car is no more difficult to break into than a car from the late 2000s’. Like stated before, most moderns cars have a keyfob. That frequency can be intercepted and then used to open your car while you’re asleep, or away. The hardware needed is not accessible as you may thing but professional car thieves most likely use this method.

Hopefully, after reading this, you will be encouraged to make some changes to how you present your car, where you park and what you do when you leave it unattended.

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If you’re not in your car, never leave it running.

Sometimes we like the convenience of leaving our car running when we’re popping into the shop, warming it up or going back into the house because we forgot something.

Needless to say, this is a bad idea. All it takes is the wrong place, wrong time, and someone jumps into your car and drives away. Even though most thefts occur in the evening and early mornings, leaving your vehicle idle and unattended is a huge risk.

Here is some myth about Engine Idling.

Myth #1 Starting a vehicle uses more fuel than letting the vehicle idle. Fact #1 More than 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than restarting the engine, thanks to fuel-injection systems.

Myth #2 Engines should be warmed-up before driving - letting a car idle on a cold day is a good way to warm it up. Fact #2 The best way to warm a vehicle is to drive it; easing into a drive and avoiding excessive engine revving is the best way to get a vehicle’s heating system to deliver warmer air faster.

Myth #3 Frequent restarting of the engine is hard on a vehicle’s engine and battery. Fact #3 Increased restarting of a vehicle’s engine does only minimal damage to the engine, while only very slightly draining the battery. Idling can also reduce the operating life of engine oil by 75%.

Myth#4 If I am parked on a yellow line with the engine running, I can’t get fined. Fact #4 Traffic wardens can fine you if you are parked somewhere you shouldn’t be - whether your engine is running or not.

Lock your car

Unlocked cars are an easy target because it means that car thieves have less work to do, no need to break the lock or smash the window. Forgetting to lock your car is a very easy thing to do, and by the time you realize, you’re out of range to use your keyfob. Newer cars have an automatic locking system that when the keyfob is no longer detected the car locks.

With keyless cars, it’s even easier to leave your keyfob behind. If your car does everything when the keyfob is in range, you never need to go into your pocket. So with that in mind, it’s easy to exit your car thinking your keyfob is still in your pocket.

That is not to say that some cars have safety measures that even if your keyfob is in the car the car still locks, to prevent theft. But, as you can imagine, the only way to test this is to do it. So I hope you have a spare keyfob.

Remove valuables

Often time when your car is broken into, it not the car they’re after but what’s inside. When leaving your car for any amount of time, it is important that you take with you anything of value. Ie; house keys, phone, money, handbag, wallet, etc.

Think about where you park

Many of us park in the most convenient spot or a spot that is nearest our destination. But perhaps its time we think more about where we park.

Here are some suggestions;

  • Park in a well-lit area such as a neighborhood.
  • Underground carparks or parking lots. Underground car parks can be a bit more expensive but if you’re in any doubt with the safety of your vehicle, it is possibly your best option.
  • Near shops and building with extensive security.
  • Driveway or garage (if applicable).

GPS Car Protection

The most effective way to protect your car is by using GPS-based protection. Some “smart connected” has a companion app like Volvo’s On Call, that tracks the condition of your car, tire pressure, and location with you can monitor from your phone. But for cars that don’t feature this, there is a wide range of vehicle GPS protection that can be retrofit to any car.

CCTV Cameras

Many car thefts happen outside the persons home, so it makes sense to get home security cameras. With GoKonnect CCTV protection we give you motion detection, real-time alerts from anywhere in the world, object detection, Night vision, 1080p video, live view, and recording playback. Our outdoor cameras are reliable, weather resistant and waterproof up to 1 meter. They give you consistent security that protects the outside of your home, day and night.


Car security is just as important as home security. But it’s easier to replace your car, than the feeling of safety in your own home. So why not get started with Smart Home Security and give us a call on 042 933 3365.

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