Self Monitoring V Professional Monitoring

Self Monitoring V Professional Monitoring 5 Feb 2018

Tech thats gives you control

In the world today we spend most of our days with some form of technology in our hands, which in tail means we are connected to the world 24 /7 and having access to family or friends on the other side of the world with the touch of a button.It makes us think from a home security point of view, how can technology help us connect to our homes. Well just like chatting to your sister or brother on the world side of the world via face-time or Skype, the advancements in wireless technology has now allowed us to be connected to our homes in real-time. This technology allows home owners to make decisions on what actions need to be taken in the event of an alert from anywhere in the world, this is control, that has been up to now, very much in the hands of Large home security company’s by the way of monthly monitoring contracts . Check how Smart Home Security can beat expensive monthly monitoring fees.

Monitor your home from anywhere in the world

When we talk about monitoring your home from anywhere in the world, we mean anywhere in the world, As long as you have a Wi-Fi Connection or a minimum 3G connection you can get real-time notifications on what is happening in your home. Let us give you a few examples here. Ok so your house alarm goes off when your away on holidays, the usual scanario is this - House alarm alerts monitoring station, they examine the alert, they try contacting key holders who might be contactable or not, they then notify the Garda station, if your luck enough to have one in your area (Unlike Kingscourt Co. Cavan - So it will be a while) if not it might take 30 minutes for anyone to turn up, in the mean time your alarm is still going off and your neighbors are not one bit happy, while you lie back on the beach with a cocktail none the wiser. in layman’s terms thats pretty much it. But there is another way. With our Technology we give you back control of your home. If an alarm is triggered you and any other nominated user within your home with smart phone will receive real time notifications instantly no matter where you are in the world. Then you can make the decision by checking in with our Smart Cameras or peek-in with our Image motion sensors to see live what is happening , if its a cat or a bird that got in, then its all good, simply disarm the home to stop the alarm right from the beach. However if someone has got in to your home you can decide to alert the local Gardai and the chances are you will get a quicker response. You can also download the images or video clips of the intruder and send it to the authorities before they even get to your home.

Works even when the system is Disarmed - Get Proactive About Smart Home Security

Most Home security systems on the market are Reactive systems, meaning it only works in the event of an alarm being triggered. Thanks to the advancements in technology, we offer a proactive system that works even when the home is Disarmed. Our system gives you real-time information with 24x7 sensor activity. If you left a window open, you can get real-time notifications or if the kids opened the front door unexpectedly you can get alerts right to your phone instantly. We can customize alerts to suit your needs within your home. If its motion detection, lights turning on or off, we can tailor a package for you. Get proactive with Smart Home Security - Once again giving you control over your home

Real-time Video Motion Notifications

Security cameras within the home are becoming more and more common these days, and going back to our theme of Proactive V Reactive Home security systems, CCTV cameras also fall into this bracket. Traditional Home Security cameras capture and record around your home with a typical viewing time of around 30 - 60 days. Some systems allow you to check in with live view from your smartphone - this falls into the Reactive theme off things as its only any good after something has happened. Lets get proactive - GoKonnects Smart Home Cameras are equipped with motion detection as standard which provide you with real-time notifications in the event of movement being detected. So if your sitting inside on a dark winters night and someone is walking around your home, you will be notified with the Video clip and you can view what is happening giving you time to react, as where the reactive systems you wont know until they are inside beside you. You can download the video clip as easy as sharing a post on Facebook and send it to the authorities give you a better chance of staying protected. Its time to get proactive

So do you need professional monitoring ?

Technology these days gives users far more ways to connect with their home. The ability to make a decision on what is happening within your home in real time with our technology opens up the market for people to manage their own homes versus having a professional monitoring station. However self monitoring is not enough for everyone some people want peace of mind knowing they have a connection to the emergency services without having to make that call. Its peace of mind at the end of the day, With our technology we provide the best self monitoring system on the market as standard with the added benefits of professional monitoring if the customers requires.

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