Security tips for your back garden

Security tips for your back garden 27 Jun 2019

Security tips for your back garden

We only get to utilize our backyard and patio a few times a year, weekend barbecues, outdoor pools and sunbathing. You might’ve invested in some patio furniture to spruce up the place, so the kids and grandkids can enjoy too.

We want to help keep your appliances and furniture secure and in your back garden.

Tie everything down

Similar to when you lock your bike to a lamppost or railing, you’ll need some engineering cable or some extended bike cable. All you need to do is tie several pieces together, securing them with a large padlock making it difficult for burglars to get away with.


Lock your garden shed

If you have a shed, chances are there is some valuable items inside, garden tools, lawn mower, etc. Not having a lock on your shed is an easy target.

If you have a larger garden and your shed is further away from your home then you may want to install additional security measures such as motion detection flood light and security cameras. Installing a security camera inside the shed might be enough to catch an unsuspecting thief.


Use existing space

You can protect your backyard furniture by storing it inside your home when you don’t use it. You don’t want all your nice pieces outside during the colder winter months so it’s not necessary to take them in and put them out every day, just when you are no longer using them.

It also keeps your back garden tidy and your furniture will last longer. However, if you can’t take them inside, get yourself a cover to keep them clean.

Motion Sensor light.

A simple way to your home exterior secure is having it well lit. Having a constantly lit home exterior may upset the neighbors when they are trying to sleep, so we would recommend motion sensor lights. That way you’re energy efficient and considerate.

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Security Cameras

Indoor and outdoor security cameras are the best way to secure your home and deter crime, both inside and out. Finding the best one can be tricky when you don’t know how they operate. Get the most out of your camera CCTV system with the GoKonnect Smart Home Security system.


Get instant alerts from anywhere in the world showing unexpected and unusual activity, motion detection and night vision. Professionally installed by our team, the GoKonnect outdoor cameras are intelligent, high-quality cameras that you can access from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet, and PC.

The best thing is that you are not limited to just cameras. You can get a complete Smart Home with GoKonnect and control your smart lighting, heating, door locks, a video doorbell camera, appliances and much more. It even works when it’s disarmed.

For the best Smart Home Security Call us at 042 933 3365 today, and get a customized system for your home.

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