Renovating your home? Use GoKonnect Smart Home Security.

Renovating your home? Use GoKonnect Smart Home Security. 22 Jul 2019

Renovating your home? Use GoKonnect Smart Home Security.

Summer is always a great time for a fresh coat of paint, adding flowers to your garden and even some interior renovations. But when you hire contractors you usually have to have someone at home or you leave the front door unlocked.

We have some helpful options to make your home renovations as seamless as they can be, with our Smart Home Security System. Our systems allow you to schedule lights, create-manage users and give access to visitors. That’s just things you can do related to renovations. It can do so much more with home automation, security, and wellness.

Give access to contractors with Smart Locks.

Even the simplest of renovations needs professional help. With smart locks, you can give access to visitors remotely and then can give them temporary access with their own unique user code for your security system. Set the day and time the code can be used from and then set the expiry date so it can’t be used after they leave.

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Paired with the Video Doorbell Camera you’ll see who is at your front door, talk to them, and then give them access remotely.


Instant Alerts and Smart Cameras

Was the job done the way you want? What time did they leave? It’s important to know what you’re paying contractors for, whether they are being paid-by-the-hour or flat-fee. You need to make sure the hours they’re being paid for, match with the time-frame they stayed. With real-time alerts, you will get notified when they arrive, on-time or not (“late arrival” & “no-show”) and when they leave. Cameras are a great way to see the progress of a renovation and also help you keep track of who comes and goes.

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Remotely secure your home

Renovations can leave your home vulnerable to burglars. Unprotected sites can have tools and building materials laying there to be stolen. It’s vital to have your home protected both inside and out. With door/window contacts, tamper-resistant technology, and motion-triggered sensors, our proactive smart home system is the perfect protection for your home.

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Turn your home, into a smart home

When thinking about a smart home, many think that “will this work for my home, it’s an old house”. The best thing is that our Smart Home System can be retrofit to your home, hassle-free. No wires needed.

We can give you control over your lighting, heating, door locks and appliances with complete security to the interior and exterior of your home.

And if you’re not sure if you want all of that, that’s okay. You can start with smart security and add-on later. It’s completely your choice!

If you have any queries, please give us a call on 042 933 3365.

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