Relax this summer with Monitored Home Security

Relax this summer with Monitored Home Security 8 Jun 2020

Relax this summer with Monitored Home Security

The warm weather is here. Summer plans are starting to come true. There’s a lot more to do now that the weather has picked up; activities at the beach, travelling, which means you’re away from home more.

Perhaps you’re considering installing a smart device to detect suspicious activity in your home when you’re away. Connected cameras can send notifications to your smartphone, for example. There are even security solutions with activity sensors that notify you when a activity is detected inside and outside your home.


1: Will you catch every alert?

What if there is a break-in at home and you get a warning but you miss it? What if you’re at the movies or your phone is on “do not disturb”? Maybe you’re on a plane or just taking a nap? Monitored Home Security will give you an extra level of security on your home, giving you room to breathe, knowing that someone else is keeping an eye while you’re away.

2: Will you respond to every warning?

It’s not easy to investigate every suspicious activity alert. You may feel overwhelmed, especially with standalone devices that don’t give details or context on possible harmless activities, such a pet entering your home.

If you are on vacation in the meantime, do you know what to do if you discover suspicious activities at home? For example, if you are abroad, dialing 999 will not put you in touch with the local police or fire department. Having monitored home security allows those professionals to do the hard work for you by sending emergency services to your home if it’s necessary.


3: Is there a better way to protect your home?

Make no mistake: smartphone notifications from home are great. They can let you know that everything is fine at home, or that you should call and see if your kids are okay.

For a real emergency, however, you need professional monitored home security.

All intelligent security systems operated by GoKonnect has this service as an option. No matter where you are, no matter what time of day or night, a qualified security professional is ready and waiting to respond to an alarm signal from home that alerts the local police or local service on your behalf.

GoKonnect technology also offers other proactive safeguards. You benefit from crash and smash protection, our dedicated cellular connection and our insights engine.


What about smart devices? It can also contain a full range, like a video doorbell to deter and identify suspicious visitors, a smart lock to protect your deliveries and intelligent smoke detectors for more security.

There is no better solution for your safety this summer and all year round.

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