Qolsys IQ Home Security Touchscreen Panel

11 Sep 2020

Home security is an important element of living for renters, buyers, builders and even apartment owners. We’ve made it even easier with our IQ Panel. 

What is the home security IQ Panel?

What was our smart home hub, now is a stylish, portable touch screen panel that communicates with your home security and smart home, from anywhere in the home. Mount it on the wall to give that smart home vibe, or place it on the side table, in the living room giving you easy access to all your smart home security features.  

Give your house that smart home feel and easily mount the panel to your wall, in a central part of your home.

What does the IQ Panel do?

The new home security IQ Panel, allows you to control your entire smart home & home security, from arm & disarm, smart lights to the Nest Thermostat. You can even live view all your cameras from the panel with two-way talk. Best of all when someone disarms your home security system, the IQ Panel uses its built-in camera to take an image of the person who is disarming your home.

Disarming photos lets you know who is interacting with your home security system.

Do It Yourself Home Security?

  We are making it easier for you to get the right home security for your home but we want to make it easier for you to get installed. We appreciate that you might not have the time to be at home when our installers are there, so with us, you have the option to stick with our Professional Installation or you can Self-Install.

Do it yourself wireless home security. We make it easy for you to get the home security system you want for your home.

To get the new home security IQ panel for your home, give your team a call today. They will help you build a home security system for your home, and if you want to add-on anything, you can do that now or later. It's completely up to you.

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