Protect your front door with our Video Doorbell Camera.

28 Jan 2022

Take Full Control of Your Front Door

Ever wonder if the kids got home from school, or if you missed the delivery driver leaving that important package at your front door? You should consider the total front door control Gokonnect gives you, with our Smart Home Security System. Modern and sleek devices such as a Smart Video Doorbell and a Smart Lock give you control over the main entrance point in your home. And they become even more powerful when integrated into a full Smart Home Security System.

We give you the complete package and control over your home like you never even imagined. Check out some of the ways you can protect your front door.


1: Smart Video Doorbell

The GoKonnect Smart Video Doorbell Camera is one of the most important parts of front door Smart Security. It rings like a traditional doorbell, but that’s where the resemblances end.

It will also notify you via a push notification on your smartphone when someone is at your front door.

It has a Smart Two-Way Talk Camera where you can see expected or unwanted visitors and talk to them. You can let guests know if you are there or away. You can also let them in via your app, when incorporated with Smart Locks.

The security camera has motion detection capabilities with night vision. If someone walks up to your door, day or night, the motion will trigger a video recording and send instant alerts to your phone. You will never miss another visitor again.

Check out our Smart Video Doorbell Camera

2: Smart Lighting

Get proactive with Smart Lighting, connected to a Smart Video Doorbell. When your visitors, expected or unexpected, arrive after dark, they will find themselves lit up with automatic lighting. The Smart Video Doorbell detects motion at your door, and can trigger your lights to come on. This allows your guests to see where they are going, but also works as a great deterrent to those unwanted guests, for another layer of protection.

Our Smart Lighting

3: GoKonnect Smart App

The GoKonnect Smart App, powered by, puts you in total control of your home from anywhere the world. When paired with devices like Smart Video Doorbells, Smart Lighting, and Smart Locks, you can see who is at your front door right from your phone, but you also have control on what happens next. The benefits are as follows:

Working as part of a complete system, you can also check in on a live feed from smart video cameras, adjust your thermostat, and much more.

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