Professional Monitored Home Alarm. How does it work?

Professional Monitored Home Alarm. How does it work? 5 May 2020

Professional Monitored Home Alarm. How does it work?

Professional Monitoring

Most people think of monitored home alarms when they think of security. Which is why people usually default to that option. But others opted for self-monitoring home security.

In recent years, DIY home alarm systems have become more common, giving people a great sense of control with similar security benefits.

To fully understand what a monitored home alarm means, let’s look at what happens when a burglar breaks in;

  1. Firstly, when an intruder breaks into your home, he/she triggers a sensor, whether it be a motion sensor, door/window contact or a glass break sensor, they will all trigger an alarm, provided your monitored alarm is Armed Away. If your system is Armed Stay motion sensors will not trigger an alarm, because this mode is to allow you to walk freely around your home.
  2. When this alarm event is triggered, this is transmitted to your monitored alarm’s hub. Which is then sent to the monitoring station. If your alarm isn’t quickly disarmed, the pros at the monitoring station will call you. If they can’t reach you, they’ll call the second name they have on their list.
  3. If they can’t reach the homeowner or the second keyholder, they’ll call the emergency services closest to your home. Now, if they do get in contact with someone and everything is not okay, they will also call local emergency services.

Crash and smash protection

Some burglars may cut phone and power lines or try to disable your home security system the old fashioned way by smashing it to bits. Or they use the delay from when a sensor is triggered to when its sent to the monitoring station. This won’t work.

GoKonnect’s home security uses a cellular and battery backup ion the event of a power outage and/or loss of broadband. You can also get a no-entry delay when you arm your system so your alarm triggered the instant a sensor is triggered. And if they try and break your security system, a signal will be sent to you that there is a communication error and the alarm will be triggered. This works because all our smart security devices are part of the same ecosystem and communicate together.

DIY Security

All of these aspects of monitored home alarms are important but today’s systems have more to offer. When it comes to DIY monitored alarm systems, you get all the benefits that we offer. But for you the consumer, the choice comes down to convenience. If you’re looking for the best-placed cameras and tidiest installation, getting one of our professional installers is the best option. But if you like smart home tech and want to do it on your terms, or you’re busy and can’t find free up the time to be at home when the installer stops by, then the flexibility of a DIY Monitored home alarm is the better option for you.

To find out more about our Smart Home Security Systems, or you have any questions contact us at 042 933 3365.

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