Professional Install vs DIY

Professional Install vs DIY 22 Feb 2019

Professional Install vs DIY

You have finally made the choice. You want to get a smart home and start enjoying the benefits of smart technology. You have done the research, read the online forums, read all the reviews and know what smart devices you need to give you a smart home and a safe and secure environment.

Now what do you do?

When it comes to smart homes and standard security systems, there are two options; The DIY system install, which involves you getting all the equipment, installing it, making sure it all works together and monitor it yourself.

The other; Is a professionally installed system that is monitored 24/7 from us making sure your system is always working. When you get a professionally installed smart home security system, certified technicians install it for you, and a monitoring team monitors your system 24/7. Our installation team provides a professional install of your smart home security system. They place the equipment in the best spot, or your desired location and installs the equipment with no ugly holes in the walls or hanging cables.

Advantages of a professional installation;

Getting a professional install take the stress out of you getting the system up and running. You don’t need to worry about whether all the devices will communicate with each other, having the right tools to install correctly, or if something breaks and you have to get it replaced.

A professional installation gives you peace of mind knowing that everything will run correctly. Our team ensures that all components work together. This allows you to relax and start using your smart home security system instantly. You will be shown how to use our system which gives you confidence in how it all works but also shows you the every-day benefits of each smart device.

Professional monitoring is an added level of security on your home. When you can’t, someone else is looking after your home. We give you both options, self-monitoring or professional monitoring, it’s up to you. When it comes to smart home technology, “You get what you pay for” has never been truer. When you avail of a professional installation you save time and gain extra security. You also get tech support to ensure your system is always up and running.

Advantages of DIY

  • You choose your own devices
  • Experience of installing it yourself

Disadvantages o DIY

  • Stressful, frustrating
  • Device install can vary
  • Some devices involve drilling and/or electrical work
  • Getting all your smart home devices to work can be difficult, or may not work at all
  • No one to call to help you set up the system
  • No real-time tech support team 24x7 to assist with any difficulties you may have
  • Troubleshooting can be difficult without a dedicated team.

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