Outdoor Smart Home Security Essentials this Summer

Outdoor Smart Home Security Essentials this Summer 17 Jul 2019

Outdoor Smart Home Security Essentials this Summer

The summer is filled with beach days, outdoor activities and back garden barbeques. It’s the best time to use your outdoor space. It’s also a time of unlocked windows and open doors. Some of us even go on holidays for weeks.

It’s important that with these longer evening we are aware of how we interact with our home, and make sure we lock up. But with the hot summer days its sometimes difficult not to open all the windows and doors.

Smart CCTV Cameras

Smart Outdoor security is a great way to secure your home perimeter. It allows you to see the complete surrounding view of your home. Many people when installing cameras want to make them discreet. But it might be better for your Smart CCTV cameras to be visible. It’s a good way to deter burglars. It is also important that they are not installed too high, because they become kind of useless when everything is too far away to see.

For more on the best ways to install cameras take a look at the article below.

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Our Smart Home Security Cameras give you the ability to live view, record clips, set recording rules and even record 24/7 with the help of an SVR. These cameras, when part of our Smart Home Security System, also send users alerts when there is motion and/or unexpected activity. With our smart outdoor wifi cameras, you can set activity zones that will only activate alerts when a person, animal or vehicle crosses into that zone.

Smart Lighting

Visibility is key when detecting burglarers. If you were to go with our Cameras you would IR Night Vision but we want to not only record suspicious activity but deter burglars. Another option to do that would be Smart lighting. Smart lighting for the interior of your home is very simple. However, we will have to get clever with the exterior space. You can swap out your porch light with a smart bulb, provided it is the right size. You can also set a ‘rule’ so that when a camera detects motion outside or unexpected activity, lights inside and outside your home can turn on. Because it’s the summer, and these long evens are great for spending time with the family, you can set lighting schedules for your home so it’s not left in complete darkness.

Door/window contacts

The perfect way to know if doors and windows have been left open is with door/window contacts. They are perfect to tell if a child tries to leave the house or if someone breaks-in anytime day or night. When you have a Smart Home Security System and someone breaks-in through a window or door, not only will the alarm go off with you will be instantly alerted of the intruder. And even if you’re at home and your system isn’t armed, you’ll still know. If you find that you don’t have enough door/window contact, you can always add-on, our entire suite is modular.

Video Doorbell Camera

We have all come across that lazy courier that rings your front door and immediately walks away. Or the ones that leave your package at your doorstep or behind your bin. Some even leave it with a neighbor. With the Skybell Video Doorbell camera, you have some options. You can answer your front door from anywhere and talk to the person on the other end. It’s a great way to chat to the postman about were to leave your package.

Even if you don’t answer your front door, you’ll still catch who was there with motion-activated clip recordings. If you decide for some reason to turn off motion detection, your doorbell camera will record a clip if someone pushes the button.

Not only does it do all this but it also has night vision, 1080p video, instant notifications, two-way talk and a wide-angle lens that lets you see everything.

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Getting a Smart Home is very simple. Our system can be retrofit to any home. All of our devices work together to give you a seamless experience with complete control and peace of mind using one smartphone app. Your system continues to work when there’s a loss of broadband and or power with sim-card and battery backup.

We provide you with a professional installation, complete system walk-through and real-time technical support.

For the best Monitoring and Self-monitoring Smart Home Security, call us on 042 933 3365 and get a system tailored to your home.

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