On Holiday with Smart Home Security

On Holiday with Smart Home Security 8 Aug 2019

On Holiday with Smart Home Security

It’s finally here. That big day. The day you’ve been waiting for all year. You are finally going on holiday. Everyone at work is jealous and you’re excited. The dog isn’t happy though, he’s very sad. You packed your bags grabbed your passport and you’re gone to the airport. You have a full week of relaxing by the pool enjoying the sun.

You locked your front door, right?

There’s always that one thing creeps up and starts to make you worry. Was there a window left open? Will my dog-sitter be there on time every morning? Would it be obvious that our home is empty?

GoKonnect Smart Home Security is a better way to take care of your home. It’s not like a basic alarm, it’s not even close. You can do so much more with our system. All you need is your smartphone - with the GoKonnect app installed - and you can see and control your home from anywhere in the world.

1: Taking care of your home

You no longer need to wonder if you left a window open, locked the front door, or turned off the lights. All you need is your phone.

There are so many things you get with a complete Smart Home Security system from GoKonnect. Here are some;

Instant Alerts/Notifications

When you have cameras, motion sensors and or a video doorbell camera, you get instant notifications when motion is detected. With our smart motion detection, your cameras will know if a person, vehicle or animal is detected. You also get alerts if you forgot to arm your system, if a window or door is left open, or if there is unexpected activity inside or outside your home.

You can even customize these setting to add new or edit existing alerts and notifications to give you more detail on what is happening at home.

Smart Door locks

With smart door locks, you can remotely lock & unlock your front door and with the help of the video doorbell camera, even give access to anyone at your front door.

Video Doorbell

Answer your door from anywhere in the world. With live view, motion detection and clip-recording. You can talk with visitors with two-way-talk and even open your front door from the same live view when you have smart door locks.

Smart Lighting

With smart lighting, you can set your lights to turn on/off based on a schedule or you can do it remotely. Have your lights turn on when motion is detected or if the alarm goes off. Set your lights to a warmer colour in the evening so it’s easier on your eyes.

2: Taking care of your pets.

How will you know if your dog-sitter will be there on time? Will they take your dog for a walk? Can they get in?

With our system, you can set up the pet-sitter with there own ‘Temporary’ login to your app. This means that you decide on what they can do while on the app. If they only need access to the Smart Door Lock and the keypad, they have it. They even have there own unique arm/disarm code so that, when it’s used, you know who it is. And when they no longer need it, you can simply delete it.


3: Taking care while you’re on holiday

You’re on holiday, and you don’t want to spend more time looking at your phone. If you think that you’re getting too many notifications, we give full control over what you want to see.

Want to get a system before you leave. Give us a call on 042 933 3365 today.

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