New Home? Get a Smart Home Security System

New Home? Get a Smart Home Security System 6 Sep 2018

A new house is a huge investment. But there’s nothing worse than not feeling safe in your own home. It’s the perfect time to think about the long-term safety of your loved ones.

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. It means a new environment, new neighbors, new memories and new risks. So the question is?

Do I need a Home Security System in my new house? In a word, Yes. There is plenty of reasons you should protect your new home and make the investment in a Smart Home Security System. Here are some of those reasons;

It protects your new home & your family. Your new home will be one of the biggest investments you will ever make. And in 2017, 19,092 homes were burglarized (CSO, 2018). The average loss to homeowners in Ireland in the event of a burglary is in the region of €600 - €1000 and a survey conducted with convicted burglars states that it takes 2 people 12 minutes to remove your processions from your home.

Insurance is not reassurance Home insurance may protect your home and its contents against damage, loss, and theft (dependant on provider). But it does not protect your sense of security or peace-of-mind. If you don’t feel safe in your own home, nothing will replace that. However while your insurance company will give you a discount when you install an alarm, they will not cover you if you forget to arm your home and a break-in occurs. This is one thing we can prevent as our Smart Home Security system uses Geolocation fencing. Meaning when you leave the home and forget to arm the system, We remind your everytime, you so you’re always protected & covered.

“It has been a pleasure to deal with this company. The mobile app is fantastic and so user-friendly. Would not hesitate in recommending this company and their product to anyone.” - Denise M., Dublin.

It Keeps your home protected until you are ready to move in. Like any new homeowner, the process of buying a home can be long and sometimes delays occur, Issues with banks, old tenants, builder finishes or developer problem. This means your new purchase is a vacant home and this is easy pickings when it comes to Home Burglars.

While you might not have moved in all your belongings a lot of the new household appliances might already be installed ie cooker, dishwashers, light fixtures, bathroom furniture. All these items can be removed very easily under the cover of darkness. Installing a Smart Home Security system before you move in will act as a major deterrent but also allow you to know what is happening in your new home, in real-time.

Protecting your family day & night With the GoKonnect Smart Home Security system, you and your loved ones are protected 24x7 and with real-time notifications, you will know what is happening in an instant. With our professional monitoring, you will have garda response in the event of a break in and fire response in the event of a smoke alert being triggered.

What does the future of home security look like? Most home security alarms are little more than “arm your home and an alarm will go off when someone triggers a door opening or motion detection”. However, the future of home security is here and the Gokonnect Smart Home Security platform offers advanced home security features. Combining the benefits of smart home Automation enables you to have a fully connected Smart home. Check out some of our features below;

  • Smart Home Security - Real-time motion detection alerts, door window & glass break protection. Geo Location services and our system works for you when disarmed.
  • Smoke & CO2 Alarms that detect any increase in heat or CO2 levels which then alerts you and the authorities, We link our Smoke & Co2 detectors to your smart home, meaning that your lights can come on in the event of an emergency to help light the way.
  • Video Doorbell Camera allows you to see whos at your front door in real-time. It also two-way talk, night vision, and motion detection.
  • Smart lighting & Heating Controls link your lighting and heating to your security system. With this function, if anyone gets up in the middle of the night a motion detector can trigger lights to come on automatically. Your smart thermostats will know if you leave a door or window open and turn the heating down automatically.
  • Outdoor Surveillance Cameras with real-time motion detection alerts, night vision alerts and live viewing.

Proving you Peace of Mind Our priority is you, and your confidence in understanding how to control your home and your peace-of-mind. You don’t need to be an expert in technology to use our system or of a certain age demographic, you just need to want to use it.

Moving into a new house is stressful. Your Home Security doesn’t need to add to that stress. Which is why we have a professional team that gives you a system tailored to your home, a full walk-through of our smartphone app; what it does and how to use it. We also have full technical support if you have any queries, if you’re confused or if any issues arise.

Call us today at 042-9333365 for a free quote on a home security system.

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