Must have CCTV Cameras for a Small Home.

Must have CCTV Cameras for a Small Home. 9 Apr 2019

Must have CCTV Cameras for a Small Home.

Security cameras are an essential part of home security. They give you an extra set of eyes when you’re not at home to see any suspicious happening. While cheap CCTV cameras are a dime a dozen, paying a bit more for cameras tends to be the better option. When you buy higher quality cameras you get other benefits such as technical support, a plethora of smart features, software updates, professional install, weatherproofing, durability, and at least a 1-year warranty. With us, you get all of that and the option to add-on more security and smart home features in the future. Home size doesn’t dictate whether you’re more or less at risk of a home break-in. But not having smart home security increases your risk.

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It’s important that you buy cameras that suit your needs. So for instance, buying industrial CCTV cameras for outside your home is overkill. They too big, and cost too much. You also don’t need to buy an interior camera for outside your home, unless they can be used in both situations.


Benefits of a GoKonnect Outdoor CCTV Camera.

Your home is a place that you should feel safe, and it should be protected. When choosing outdoor cameras there are certain qualities for which you should look.


We can have harsh weather in Ireland. So it is very important that anything we get for outdoor use is weatherproof and durable, cameras are no exception. You want something that, in the event of severe rain and wind, you can rely on to function as normal.


How much ground does the camera cover? It’s important that 1 camera can cover as much as possible. Different types of cameras ie: dome cameras come with different viewing angles. The wider the field of view, the fewer cameras you’ll need to cover 1 area.


When cameras say wireless it’s important that you look at the product information to see what the manufacturer means. We do not recommend wireless cameras that use rechargeable batteries, because at some point you’ll need to recharge each one. Also, outdoor wifi cameras don’t always work. Many Irish homes have foil installation that blocks your wifi from reaching outside.

When we say wireless we mean cameras that connect to your security system wirelessly. All that needs to be done, is to wire your cameras to your broadband. When you get cameras from us, we do all that for you. All our cameras come with Infrared night vision, motion detection, HD Video Recording, Live view and new features that can be added with software updates.


GoKonnect Indoor CCTV Camera

Many of the same features are available with the indoor camera. The biggest difference is that the Indoor camera supports wifi. Which means that you have much more freedom in where it goes. All it needs is power. Our indoor wifi camera is a great way to keep an eye on the pets or kids when you’re away.

A wide field of view is always a good feature to look for, as well as motion detection and night vision. Our indoor wifi camera is also very portable and low profile.


Video Doorbell Camera

A great way to cover your front door. It’s perfect for an extra camera for the front of your home. Burglars usually look up and watch for CCTV cameras but they don’t expect a camera to be your doorbell. Our video doorbell gives you motion detection, two-way talk, live view, and records video clips. You get all of this from anywhere in the world.

It also works as a part of your smart home. If you’re out of the house and a package arrives, you can ask the courier to leave it with a neighbor. If you’re busy in the back garden or cleaning the house or even in bed sick, you can answer your front door to friends or family and let them know. If you have our smart door locks, you can unlock your front door remotely and give them access.

You can get all this and more when you get our Smart Home Security system. It is really easy to turn your home into a smart home, It’s even easier to secure your home.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a small home. Our modular system means you can add-on at any time. You don’t have to get everything all at once. Any queries, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 042 933 3365 and Get Started Today.

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